Well Dressed, Well Read: Kelly Link’s ‘Magic for Beginners’

“Talis opens the door. She grins at him, although he can tell that she’s been crying, too. She’s wearing a T-shirt that says I’m so goth I shit tiny vampires.

‘Hey,’ Jeremy says. Talis nods. Talis isn’t so Goth, at least not as far as Jeremy or anyone else knows. Talis just has a lot of T-shirts. She’s an enigma wrapped in a mysterious T-shirt”

-from Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link

Style & Substance: Juno Temple in Dirty Girl

I’ve heard it said that this here is a mans world. And some girls? They believe it. Primpin’ and fussin’ and holdin’ out hopin’ a boy will look her way they don’t know they got the power. As for me? I’m not that kind of girl…

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