Well Dressed, Well Read: Karen Russell’s ‘St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves’

“Stage 2: After a time, your students realize that they must work to adjust to the new culture. This work may be stressful and students may experience a strong sense of dislocation. They may miss certain foods. They may spend a lot of time daydreaming during this period. Many students feel isolated, irritated, bewildered, depressed, or generally uncomfortable [….]

The nuns swept our hair back into high, bouffant hair-styles. This made us look more girlish and less inclined to eat people, the way that squirrels are saved from looking like rodents by their poofy tails. I was wearing a white organdy dress with orange polka dots. Jeanette was wearing a mauve organdy dress with blue polka dots. Linette was wearing a red organdy dress with white polka dots. Mirabella was in a dark corner, wearing a muzzle. Her party culottes were duct-taped to her knees. The nuns had tied little bows on the muzzle to make it more festive. Even so, the jazz band from West Toowoomba kept glancing nervously her way.”

-from St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves in the eponymous collection by Karen Russell, 2006.



Gloss over This: Salma Hayek

“He’s so funny-we were in line at the airport somewhere in the States with these four girls in front of us, and he asks me sincerely: ‘This American Style, with the sweatpants and the flip-flops…?’ And the feminist is coming out in me and I’m like, ‘They’re comfortable! Is it such a sin to want to be comfortable?!’ But he says, ‘If they want to be so comfortable, why do they have so much makeup on at 7 am?’ And he has a point: People spend all this time with makeup and not with clothes. Why? I mean, don’t think I don’t love Juicy Couture-I do.”

-Salma Hayek in Lucky May 2012 on a conversation she had with her husband.


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