Funny & Fashionable: The Women of The Office


58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

The Office had a good run, and one of the main reasons we loved the show was because of all the strong female comidiennes. While Pam Beesly (later Pam Halpert of course), played by Jenna Fischer was definitely the central woman of the show, the other women off the office were just as compelling as their zany characters.

Maybe it’s because the comedic genius of Mindy Kaling who served as a writer and director for the show.

Maybe it’s because the show passes the Bechdel test.

Maybe it’s because the women are all different shapes, sizes, and ages than the standard Hollywood size 2 and age 20.

But any way you look at it, the show features some brilliant, funny ladies, and this post while super-lengthly, is for them.


pam office

Jack Wills , 56 CAD / SELECTED longsleeve shirt, 39 CAD / Raxevsky slit skirt, 65 CAD / Repetto , 305 CAD / Coach charm, 70 CAD / Cretacolor Basic Drawing Set, 17 CAD

ANGELA MARTIN (Angela Kinsey)

angela office

Frilly top / Vero Moda button shirt, 23 CAD / Coast pencil skirt, 46 CAD / Blue Nile , 51 CAD / France Luxe , 18 CAD / Areaware – Shorthair Cat Mini Cushion, 31 CAD

PHYLLIS VANCE (Phyllis Smith)

phyllis office

Black top, 68 CAD / Alice + Olivia long skirt, 380 CAD / FOSSIL earrings, 41 CAD / FOSSIL jewelry, 83 CAD / Black eyeglass, 32 CAD



meredith the office

Armani Jeans , 160 CAD / Missoni turtleneck sweater, 1,095 CAD / Zenggi cotton cardigan, 135 CAD / T-strap shoes / Carolee , 39 CAD / France Luxe , 18 CAD / Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka 1.75-ltr., 725 CAD

KELLY KAPOOR (Mindy Kaling)


kelly office

Uniqlo cardigan, 21 CAD / Etro , 640 CAD / Topshop , 31 CAD / Giuseppe Zanotti narrow shoes, 750 CAD / Juicy Couture pave hoop earrings, 41 CAD / MAC Cosmetics , 16 CAD / OPI nail polish, 29 CAD


erin office

Trine Vestergaard striped cardigan, 170 CAD / Bettie Page sheer top, 55 CAD / Giambattista Valli , 735 CAD / Le Silla platform shoes, 640 CAD / Vintage style necklace, 19 CAD / Hillier London heart stud earrings, 445 CAD / Andis curling iron, 23 CAD

JAN LEVINSON (Melora Hardin)


jan office

H&M , 40 CAD / Wallis black jacket, 54 CAD / DKNY black evening skirt, 175 CAD / Brahmin python leather handbag, 820 CAD / Sterling silver jewelry / Tiffany & Co. heart pendant, 205 CAD / Simon Pearce Revere Hurricane – S 1586 | 5.25″ X 4.63″, 120 CAD

Also, we want to recognize some of our fave women who made this show hilarious but who we aren’t making an outfit set in the name of brevity (so many hilarious comediennes, so little space!).

Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate)

Karen Fillipeli (Rashida Jones)

Holly Flax (Amy Ryan)

Jo Bennet (Kathy Bates)


BONUS: Did you know that the Bitch Media blog is doing a series on women in comedy, with the tongue-in-cheek name of Women Aren’t Funny? Check out all these great posts by Gabrielle Moss here. The newest one is on women-hosted comedy podcasts!


What to Wear on Canada Day: The Fireworks

Canada Day 3
Mango clear dress, 37 CAD / River Island white waistcoat, 73 CAD / Accessorize short socks, 7.38 CAD / Lace up platform booties, 260 CAD / Sabrina Tach suede handbag, 205 CAD / BaubleBar hinged bangle, 38 CAD / Myia Bonner diamond jewelry, 145 CAD
This is a more formal outfit for if you’re headed to a family dinner, or if you’re going on a date to go see the fireworks. Add red lipstick for another eye-catching extra!

The Great Gatsby Jewelry & Cultural Appropriation


Above: Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby wearing the headband of concern.

So here’s one for you: everyone it seems (every magazine, fashion website, blog, etc) was completely abuzz with the costume design in The Great Gatsby. Admittedly, Catherine Martin’s costume design was breathtaking–Daisy’s dresses and Gatsby’s suits are so integral to their character development, and Martin hit the nail on the head. Apparently, however, there might have been some major cultural appropriation behind the opulent gems worn by Daisy (played by Carey Mulligan).


In the June issue of Flare, on p. 50 (see above), there is a very small blurb/text box that mentions the now-infamous headband that Daisy wears in the movie. Apparently, Martin found inspiration for the design in the Tiffany & Co. archives, which contained a sketch of a Native American headdress. The box reads,

For inspiration, Catherine Martin looked to a sketch of a Native American headdress unearthed in the jeweller’s archives. “It defined Daisy’s character and described the 1920s so quintessentially,” she says, “that I could not ignore it.”


This is upsetting for a a few reasons.

1. As mentioned, the costumes of this movie have been discussed at length, mentioned everywhere by everyone, yet this lone text box is the first mention we have read that explicitly connects this piece of jewelry to Native American fashions. Given that the headband is so iconic and everyone has been fussing of the jewelry of this movie, this should have been mentioned much, much earlier. It is a prime example of how non-Native designers are profiting and getting credit for something that belongs to another culture.


2. To illustrate the point above, there is an entire article/interview with Martin in the June issue of Elle Canada called, “All That Jazz.” Despite being two pages, Martin says only this about the headband:

I love Daisy’s feathered diamond headpiece. You can always imagine someone making a necklace or a bracelet. But to actually make a throw-away ephemeral, totally diamond fashion head-piece-that, I think, is just too fabulous.


No mention of her inspiration once, see?

2.  Neither the text box and/or Martin mentioned which Native American tribe the original headdress was from, which again illustrates the lack of credit where credit is due. Martin’s statement above is therefore especially ironic because she could not “ignore” the headdress sketch, yet she managed to ignore the tribe whose designs inspired her own.

3. Martin isn’t the only one getting credit for appropriated designs. Tiffany & Co. is actually making money off this, too: you can buy the headband for yourself if you have an extra $200,000 lying around. Pretty despicable, no?


Want to learn more about cultural appropriation, fashion, and Native American culture? Head over to Beyond Buckskin, it’s an excellent resource.


What to Wear on Canada Day: The Party

Canada Day 2

J.Crew j crew, 47 CAD / Steffen Schraut silk top, 285 CAD / Bardot denim vest, 77 CAD / H&M jean shorts, 32 CAD / Ankle strap shoes, 45 CAD / Sperry Top-Sider canvas tote, 150 CAD / BaubleBar cuff bracelet, 34 CAD / Kate Spade earrings, 82 CAD / Madewell , 49 CAD

Headed to a BBQ or party for Canada Day? Then wear this spin on the infamous Canadian Tuxedo! Trendy shoes and bright accessories keep things modern and stylish, a simple or print t-shirt keeps things casual and appropriately laid-back, like most of Canadian style.

What to Wear on Canada Day: The Parade

Canada Day 1

J.Crew short sleeve shirt, 47 CAD / McQ by Alexander McQueen , 440 CAD / CHIPIE plimsoll sneaker, 49 CAD / Forever 21 saddle bag, 26 CAD / Accessorize stud earrings, 8.43 CAD / Forever 21 pork pie hat, 17 CAD / Cateye sunglasses, 12 CAD / OPI nail polish, 17 CAD / OPI nail polish, 26 CAD

Yay for Canada Day! Here is our first of three suggested outfits, and none of them involve wearing anything from Roots. This one is simple and perfect for daytime–best for attending your town’s Canada Day Parade. If you’re feeling especially patriotic, def add on a little Canadian flag pin.

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