Best of Fall/Winter 2013: Toronto Designers



Above: From Beaufille Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Image found here.

This fantastic trench by Beaufille has all the grunge appeal a gal could want but a modern cut. The adjustable sleeves offer lots of layering potential, no?



Above: From the Mikhael Kale Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Image found here.

The sunglasses and shoes make this super-femme look sorta steampunk, but somehow it works and looks totally unique. The beautiful skirt and shirt by Mikhael Kale are so colourful–almost summery, really, but the cut and architectural details are perfect for fall–it’s a wonder that street style stars haven’t been caught in Kale’s creations yet.



From the JNBY Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Image found here.

The neutral palette seems summery, but as you can see, this look from JNBY is perfect for cooler temperatures. Add a beret and a wooly infinity scarf, and you’ve got a perfect outfit worthy of cold East Coast winters.



Above: from the Mackage Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Image found here.

The colours used in the Mackage Fall/Winter collection seem like they shouldn’t work but they totally do: Halloween orange, black, white, and oxblood–def go look at their runway show for further inspiration. As you can see from this pretty much all-black outfit, a pop of orange and a bit of white make this look so polished and unique.

Well Dressed, Well Read: Georgette Leblanc’s Memoirs

I was always dressed like a painting, I walked around in van Eyck, in an allegory of Rubens, or in the Virgin of Memling. I still see myself crossing a street in Brussels one winter day in a dress of amethyst velvet embellished with old silver binding taken from some tunic. Dragging insouciantly my long train behind me, I was conscientiously sweeping the pavement. My folly of yellow fur framed my blond hair, but the most unusual thing was the diamond placed on the frontlet on my forehead. Why all this? Simply because it pleased me, and so I thought I was living outside of all convention. The more I was laughed at as I went by, the more extravagant my burlesque inventions. I would have been ashamed to change anything in my appearance just because I was being mocked. That would have seemed to me to be a degrading capitulation…At home it was something else again. The angels of Gozzoli, Fra Angelico, Burne-Jones, and Watts were my models. I was always attired in azure and aurora; my flowing dresses spread out in manifold trains around me.

-from the memoirs of Georgette Leblanc, quoted in Simone de Beauvoir’s The Second Sex

Fall 2013 Wish List: Montreal Designers

It’s not secret that here at The Closet Feminist we’re crazy about Canadian designers. Here are some choice looks from the Fall/Winter 2013 collections by Montreal-based designers. Get ready to ooh and ahh!


Eve Gravel Fall/Winter 2013. Image found here.

A little Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice, a little The Tudors, this look by Eve Gravel hits all the fall trends on the head. The floral print of the skirt on the black background looks especially luxurious and still-life inspired.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 4.00.50 PM

Rush by Claudette Floyd Fall/Winter 2013. Image found here.

The use of the turtleneck in this look designed by Claudette Floyd is genius, and the pants-under-skirt detail is a perfect rendition of this tricky fall trend.


Nisse Fall/Winter 2013. Image found here.

The details on the skirt and blouse by Nisse are so subtle yet beautiful, and this colour palette–olive and light robin’s egg blue is impossibly chic.


Marilyn Baril Fall/Winter 2013. Image found here.

A distinctly Canadian coat worthy of our cold winters is something we’ve been looking for given that Hudson’s Bay coats are decidedly not for us. We’ll be looking to Marilyn Beril from now on for the perfect cold-weather cover up.

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 4.06.29 PM

Impair Fall/Winter 2013. Image found here.

Love this polished look by Impair–the pieces are totally office-worthy; the black with camel accents is so polished and just enough.


Gloss over This: Eva Mendes


“My customer is not a fan of the way tabloids cover celebrity style: ‘Who wore it best?'” she says, her smile noticeably fading. “It’s disastrous for women’s self-esteem. With fashion, there is no right or wrong.”

-Eva Mendes on her style line and rejecting the girl hate cultivated by the media in “All About Eva” by Heidi Mitchell in Lucky October 2013.

Fall Fashion Icon: Esther Quek


Esther Quek, stylist and fashion director at The Rake, is the street style star as far as we are concerned. Her layering and use of colour are masterful, and her totally unique approach to more butch style or ‘menswear’ silhouettes is truly inspired. She’s made the list as one of our Fall Fashion Icons as we are especially appreciative of her outfits which would be worthy of any work/office environment. Get more of her style on her blog here.


Quek’s use of colour is totally unique and not that hard to emulate–most of her looks, like the one above are a fairly neutral colour palette you probably already have in your wardrobe: beiges, greys, darker colours like navy, and of course black. Her outfit above is really entirely green-the jacket is a classic hunter green, and her tweed suit has some hints of olive in there. She sticks with the green palette by choosing a neon lime button down for a pop of colour, but keeps things streamlined with a simple tie.


Another thing we’ve noticed about Quek’s look is that accessories are hugely important–especially the dangly earrings–they add a touch of glamour and femininity . If you prefer something less feminine, take the earrings out of the equation and trade them for a tougher-looking stud earring.


Lastly, if you’re trying to incorporate a bunch of colours into your outfit, never doubt the power of a scarf. Quek’s obviously got a lot of yellow going on above, and if she had worn the primary colours on her scarf as a main piece and not an accent, her look would have been way too Crayola-ish. The scarf brings in just enough colour and the look is still colourful without being over-the-top. Fortunately, scarves like this can be found for pretty cheap–second hand stores and thrift stores will no doubt have tons of similar styles for super cheap!


esther quek inspired
Oscar de la Renta lime green shirt, 920 CAD / Mauro Grifoni blazer, 775 CAD / Jonathan Saunders green pants, 435 CAD / Bandolino loafer, 62 CAD / Henri Bendel black fringe purse, 285 CAD / H&M jewelry, 4.95 CAD / Donati Cashmere Pocket Square, 74 CAD

Images of Quek found here and here.

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