Gloss over This: Elisha Cuthbert


While she’s undoubtedly garnering attention from lovers and haters, she looks toward another Canadian celeb who’s been in the business of keeping things relevant for decades. “When I met Joni Mitchell, I was dumbfounded […] I cannot wait to get to a point when I’m [Mitchell’s] age. She has no filter, she’s clever and she’s a genius. She has also reverted to not giving a damn about stupid things. I’m excited for that time.”

-Elisha Cuthbert in “Canada’s Biggest Fan Girl” by Elio Iannacci in Fashion April 2015

Well Dressed, Well Read: Colette

With a haughty toss of her head, Vinca, the Periwinkle, with the eyes the colour of April showers, replied that indeed she was going fishing. Her much-mended pullover and her sand-shoes hardened by brine showed that she was. Surely it was obvious that her blue-and-green-checked skirt, three years old and now well above her knees, belonged to shrimps and crabs. And did the two shrimping-nets across her shoulder, and her woollen beret, blue and thistly as the sea-holly on the dunes, denote any other rig than for fishing?

– from Ripening Seed by Colette

Bibliostyle: Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows’ “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society”


Above: Monique Lhullier Spring 2015

Then Susan suggested a new dress. I reminded her that the Queen was very happy wearing her 1939 wardrobe, so why shouldn’t I be? She said the Queen doesn’t need to impress strangers–but I do. I felt like a traitor to crown and country; no decent woman has new clothes–But I forgot that the moment I saw myself in the mirror. My first new dress in four years, and such a dress! It is the exact colour of a ripe peach and falls in lovely folds when I move. The saleslady said it had “Gallic Chic” and I would too, if I bought it. So I did. New shoes are going to have to wait, since I spent almost a year’s worth of clothing coupons on the dress.

– from The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Ann Barrows


Above: Véronique Leroy Spring 2015


Above: Tsumori Chisato Spring 2015


Above: Saloni Spring 2015


Above: Wayne Spring 2015


Above: Elizabeth and James Spring 2015


Above: Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2015


Above: Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2015

Gloss over This: Elisabeth Moss

AMC's "Mad Men" Season 7 Premiere Party

In terms of her character [Moss’ character Peggy on Mad Men], I often can’t tell the difference between her and me. She’s become a more mature, forthright, confident woman […] Both of us grew up over the nine years that we filmed, and we ended up becoming more like each other. There are so many characteristics that I don’t know if I gave to her or if she gave to me.

– Elisabeth Moss in “Mad About…” by Charlotte Cowles in Bazaar April 2015

Khaleesi-worthy Jewellery, Canadian Designer


There’s no denying that Emilia Clarke’s role as Daenerys Targaryen (aka Mother of Dragons, aka The Khaleesi) is a complex one.  Nevertheless, she’s a fierce boss-lady who has inspired many.


The wardrobe of Clarke’s character is known for her regal, bohemian-tinged outfits. For those of you who would want to emulate the look but perhaps don’t feel that intense cutout dresses work for your everyday wardrobe, we’ve found a solution–by a Canadian designer, no less.


Above and throughout: Images of Kate Hewko jewelllery found here.

Kate Hewko is a Calgary-based jewellery designer whose bold, fierce accessories are on-trend, not overly costume-y. You can get a Khaleesi-worthy piece to incorporate into your outfits without having people think you’re cosplaying.


Elements of the accessories look rough to be sure, rather embracing what seems to be the Khaleesi’s “nothing good comes easy” story.


While the sparkle and shine may be somewhat missing from these accessories, they are certainly no less eye-catching, and worthy of a Queen in her own right.

EmiliaClarke)2Check out more of Kate Hewko’s jewellery here.


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