Bibliostyle: “The Bohemian Girl” by Willa Cather


Above: Orla Kiely Resort 2016

Mrs. Olaf Ericson–Clara Vavrika, as many people still called her-was moving restlessly about her big bare house that morning. Her husband left for the country town before his wife was out of bed–her lateness in rising was one of the many things the Ericson family had against her. Clara seldom came downstairs before eight o’clock, and this morning she was even later, for she had dressed with unusual care. She put on, however, only a tight-fitting black dress, which people thereabouts thought very plain. She was a tall, dark woman of thirty, with a rather sallow complexion and a touch of dull salmon red in her cheeks, where the blood seemed to burn under her brown skin. Her hair, parted evenly above her low forehead, was so black that there were distinctly blue lights in it. Her black eyebrows were delicate half-moons and her lashes were long and heavy. Her eyes slanted a little, as if she had a strain of Tartar or gypsy blood, and were sometimes full of fiery determination and sometimes dull and opaque. Her expression was never altogether amiable; was often, indeed, distinctly sullen, or, when she was animated, sarcastic. She was most attractive in profile, for then one saw to advantage her small, well-shaped head and delicate ears, and felt at once that here was a very positive, if not an altogether pleasing, personality.

– from “The Bohemian Girl” of the eponymous collection of stories by Willa Cather


Above: Victoria Beckham Resort 2016


Above: Tamara Mellon Fall 2015


Above: Hermès Spring 2016


Above: A Détacher Spring 2016


Above: 1205 Fall 2015




Gloss over this: Susan Sarandon


“As a woman, you just get better and better. It takes a while to find your voice in your 20s and then it takes a while to not be driven by needs. Women are so interesting as they get older, especially vital women who continue to ask questions. You’re free to have even more adventures. This is where the tunnel just opens up.”

Sarandon notes that it is tougher for young people, too, nowadays. “Everything now is so superficially critical–not just of older women, but of women in general.  I mean, I never had pressure to have abs when I was 20. And I was naked a lot.”

-Susan Sarandon in “Hollywood Hero” by Alexandra Breen in FASHION Winter 2015



How Distasteful: The Racist Dsquared² Collection Makes Another Appearance in a Canadian Fashion Magazine

Do you remember that hideous, racist collection that Dsquared² sent down the catwalk for their Fall 2015 show? Well Canadian fashion magazines are still apparently into it–Elle Canada showed some pieces from the collection in the fall, and now FASHION is on board.


In their December editorial “Here Comes the Fuzz” a horrible coat from the racist collection made an appearance. See a scan of the shot I’m referring to above.

Here is what the coat looked like on the runways:


Above: image found here

This collection is the worst, I wish it would go away instead of getting more press. It also made me feels so ashamed that Dsquared² is actually a Canadian label.

Well Dressed, Well Read: “A Wagner Matinee” by Willa Cather


But Mrs. Springer knew nothing of all this, and must have been considerably shocked at what was left of my kinswoman. Beneath the soiled linen duster which, on her arrival, was the most conspicuous feature of her costume, she wore a black stuff dress, whose ornamentation showed that she had surrendered herself unquestioningly into the hands of a country dressmaker. My poor aunt’s figure, however, would have presented astonishing difficulties to any dressmaker. Originally stooped, her shoulders were now almost bent together over her sunken chest. She wore no stays, and her gown, which trailed unevenly behind, rose in a sort of peak over her abdomen.

– from “A Wagner Matinee” in The Bohemian Girl: Stories by Willa Cather

Covers & Content: December 2015

Read on to find out how the diversity of Canada’s top three fashion magazines stacked up this month.


The Magazine: Elle Canada

The Cover Star: Kylie Jenner

Perceived Appearance of Cover Star: Mixed race/white

Does the magazine appear to feature any models of colour in the editorials?: There were two fashion editorials in the Dec. issue of Elle Canada, and both starred thin, white models.

Does the magazine appear to feature any plus-size models in the editorials?: No


The Magazine: Flare

The Cover Star: Zendaya

Perceived Appearance of Cover Star: Black/mixed race

Does the magazine appear to feature any models of colour in the editorials?: There was one fashion editorial in the December 2015 issue of Flare. It starred one, thin white model. If you count the Chanel-exclusive advertorial also in this issue, then there were two editorials, the second starred one thin, Asian model.

Does the magazine appear to feature any plus-size models in the editorials?: No


The Magazine: FASHION

The Cover Star: Chiara Ferragni

Perceived Appearance of Cover Star: White

Does the magazine appear to feature any models of colour in the editorials?: There was one fashion editorial this month and it starred on thin, white model, making this issue of FASHION a Whiteout Issue

Does the magazine appear to feature any plus-size models in the editorials?: No

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