Music x Style: Jessica Rylan in Pink Noises

I recently just finished reading Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound by Tara Rodgers. I’m not super-into electronic music, but I love reading music writing and journalism by women.


Above: image found here.

The book was composed of interviews split into six different sections including “Nature and Synthetics” and “Alone/Together”. I thought it was excellent, and though I was not familiar with most of the musicians interviewed, I was fascinated by their creative process and interaction with their craft. Definitely a must-read for any creative.


Fashion-wise, I was totally inspired by the simple photograph of Jessica Rylan on the cover. Rylan is an artist and performer, and invents her own electronic music instruments–doesn’t get much cooler than that.


The photograph on the cover is taken from the same performance as the one above, and I just thought she looked so cool. I love what appears to be a super-dark purple tweed flecked with colour, and rose blouse. The silver chain bracelet is simple (no doubt to not interfere with her performance) but just enough to make an impression. Here is a super-simple riff on her outfit below.

Inpsired by Jessica Rylan

Playlist: thoroughly insouciant

“Dodo sighs. Gives Lee a hard look. “A monster. You and your friends, all of you. Pretty monsters. It’s a stage all girls go through. If you’re lucky you get through it without doing any permanent damage to yourself or anyone else.”
– from “Pretty Monsters” by Kelly Link


thoroughly insouciant Track List

  1. Girls Your Age by Transviolet
  2. seventeen by sjowgren
  3. Never a Woman by White Sea
  4. This Is What Makes Us Girls by Lana del Rey
  5. Jesus Made Me Bad by Lao Ra
  6. Bad Girls by Tennis
  7. Scene Sick by Diet Cig
  8. Sweet Ophelia by Zella Day
  9. American Beauty by Girlpool
  10. 25 by Bimbo Delice
  11. And I Will Send You Flowers Back by HINDS
  12. Born Again Teen by Lucius
  13. Disparate Youth by Santigold
  14. Rococo by Arcade Fire
  15. The Love Club by Lorde

Other legit playlists by The Closet Feminist

mercurial love

Wedding Season

vaguely illicit

Breastfeeding Jams

What To Wear If You’re a Monster Like Me and Hate Sandals

One of the reasons I hate summer clothing and warm-weather dressing is because I do not wear sandals. My feet are super-messed up from wearing heels for years and during most of the year in general. As such, I’m not keen on barely-there strappy sandals and flipflops.

Warmer months therefore present a big footwear challenge for me. I want something lighter and breathable, but I don’t want my toes or heels on display. Plus, I at least I want to try and wear seasonal shoes.

An additional fashion challenge this year is that I will be going to Italy! I definitely want some cuter shoes if I’m going to be near Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world.

What’s a gal to do? Fortunately I have found some good cheats over the years.

Keds_black Keds_foodKeds are def a fave of mine! I have one white pair that I wear to death, then when there are literally holes in the soles, I throw them out and start over again. I’m not precious about my Keds, either. I admit, I kinda prefer to let them get a little dirty–shows I’m active. They’re light and breathable and go with everything.

GLANIEL_98_RG_324 ZAITZ_32_RG_324

Aldo thankfully has a lot of more airy, summery shoes. The brogues above literally have mesh on the side which screams breathable and cool and I get to wear my favourite style of shoe when the sun is shining. I love the detail of the beige flats above as well, definitely gives it kind of a sandal-vibe with those straps.

When Fashion Uses People of Colour as Props

Fashion ads and editorials in magazines have a long, sordid history of using people of colour as props (sometimes literally). Elle Canada‘s June issue is the latest publication to make this tasteless misstep.


The editorial, “Heat Wave” (pictured above and throughout) was styled by Juliana Schiavinatto, with photography by Max Abadian and Art Direction by Brittany Ecles. It starred model Pamela Bernier as the happy imperialist.

ElleCanada_June2016_racistspread 2

The silly thing (aside from you know, the racism), was that Bernier looked great on her own, as you can see above. With the addition of the other folks in the pictures, she looks like the white person we all know who would describe herself as “worldly,” and enthuse about the delicious “other” cuisine she got turned onto thanks to “the locals.”

ElleCanada_June2016_racistspread 1

Shamefully, Elle Canada does not name the other folks in the pictures. There is a small note at the end of the editorial thanking “Meliá Braco Village and the Jamaica Tourist Board,” but that, I’m afraid, is it.


Don’t believe that using POCs as props is a thing? Check out the list below.

W Continues Fashion’s Tradition of Using ‘Exotic’ People As Props

Fashion Discussion: Black Men as Props

One Of The Most Blatant Racist Photo Shoots We’ve Ever Seen


What I Would Have Worn to the 2016 Met Gala

I was talking with CF Advising Editor Lydia the other day, and we agreed on two things about this year’s Met Gala:

  1. The dresses were incredibly dull overall. A few stand-out looks, but overall just not as good as last year’s gala.
  2. Where was Janelle Monaé???? Her aesthetic totally embodies the theme of “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.” It was an insult to us that she was not there.

So, let’s play a game. I’ll play stylist for myself, and show what I would wear if I were to attend (all looks by lady designers, of course)



Above: Zimmermann Fall 2016


Above: Vionnet Spring 2016


Above: Vika Gazinskaya Fall 2016

The obvious choice for this event, the dresses above push past the ‘been there done that’ metallic column dress, especially since they are not silver. Lupita Nyong’o totally got the memo on this for this year’s event with her sparkly green dress.

The blue Zimmermann dress above was spot-on, I’d wear this whole look right off the runway as-is. I love the Vionnet dress above as well, it has a modest silhouette but a unique sheen. Plus, I think Lineisy Montero looks like an angel in it. The Vika Gazinskaya dress is quite playful, so it would need some careful styling to make sure it doesn’t get too costume-y.


I was kind of shocked at how safe the silhouettes were overall on the Met Gala red carpet. To me, that would be the first thing to reach for.

More dramatic silhouettes speak to architecture, machines–the late and great Zaha Hadid comes to mind as she envisioned the spaces of our future.

Another reason I would want a different silhouette is the freedom that should come with it: shapes that are neither feminine or masculine, that do not emphasize a waist or bust or broad shoulders.

rosie-assoulin-034-resort2016 rosie-assoulin-resort2016_1

I love Rosie Assoulin‘s designs, and I love how she insists on diversity for her lookbooks and presentations. The dress is a safer choice, I would do the extreme makeup with it (bleached eyebrows, dark lips, zany hair), then let the dress speak for iteself. For the jumpsuit, I would use the pure white as a blank canvas to bring in harsh metal accessories. Perhaps a simple circlet on my head, and matching metal cuffs on the wrist or upper arms.

commedesgarcons_fall2016_2 CommedesGarcons_fall2016

I think that Rei Kawakubo is a genius, though I have issues with the fact she never uses models of colour on her runways. Her two looks above from Commes des Garçons definitely wold have been my top top picks, and I think its kinda criminal no one wore her stuff to this year’s Gala. Seems so obvious. I love how the first dress has a vulva-shape to it–the future is female!



Above: Iris van Herpen Fall 2016


Above: Simone Rocha Spring 2016


Threeasfour Spring 2016

If I couldn’t get my hands on an actual 3D printed dress, I would look for dresses with a regular silhouette with 3D elements or dimensional details. Iris van Herpen is an obvious choice, but my only hang-up with the look above is that it’s too short. What can I say, I’m old-fashioned and think longer dresses are more red-carpet.

The Simone Rocha dress has the dimensionality I would want, but I would style it very carefully to emphasize the modernity of it, and play down the saccharine aspects of the dress.

The Threeasfour dress is pretty boring save the shoulder, so I would definitely take more beauty risks if I were to wear this dress.


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