On “Cute” Boots

By: Nikil Kaiyote

Fall is a bittersweet time for guys who dream of pretty scarves, gorgeous sweaters and dress/tight pairings. But the real secretly coveted prize of autumn: boots. Goddamn, the cute boots come out. Black high-heeled booties, over-priced but always in style gumboots, and more “masculine” cowboy or motorcycle inspired fair than you can swing your head around wildly to look at. I’m not checking you out, I’m checking out your boots.

There are more options now for a bit of a heel on men’s boots but there’s not many guys confident enough to pull off the cute ankle booties with a dangerous little heel. Unfortunately, our bodies, even down to the arches of their feet, are politicized. It just isn’t okay (and hardly safe) for a guy to wear “girly” shoes. That being said, you don’t necessarily have to watch the autumn boot boat sail past. So, how cute is too cute?

Of course it all comes down to personal style. To steal a term of Eddie Izzard’s, I consider myself a male tomboy so the motorcycle inspired boots that are a bit more masculine are generally what calls out to me anyway. Lace-up shin high boots are adorable and can generally be found in styles that most guys could pull off.


And I’m not saying it’s all about passing or wearing what others think you should wear, just that if you want to share in on the darling fall foot fashion as a guy, without having people follow you with idiotic comments/stares, there is a middle ground that plays with what a “feminine” or “masculine” boot is. For those of us more predisposed to androgynous clothing choices, we know it’s ridiculous that we even have these categories but until the world gets groovy, we can still find boots that make us smile, love our feet and make us feel exactly what we’re not supposed to feel: cute.

Want to buy cute boots?

Fluevog is the obvious choice for selection and quality, but is going to set you back some serious coin. The upside is a pair of boots that will last you to the zombie apocalypse.

For cheaper, but still quality boots, check out Blowfish – most importantly, they carry women’s sizes up to a 12, which for most guys is a 10-11 size foot.


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