Emily Yakashiro, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Emily Yakashiro is third-generation, mixed-race Canadian born and raised on the West Coast. Strongly committed to feminism and anti-oppression, she has a background in anti-violence work, and is a graduate of UBC’s Religion, Literature, and the Arts program. Yakashiro also writes for Gender Focus, an award-winning Canadian blog, and makes an annual zine, catalogue y.

You can find her on twitter here, instagram here, and 8tracks here.



Katie Dixon, Web Designer

Katie Dixon is a third-year Communication Design major in the Bachelors of Design program at Emily Carr University. Her interests include typography, vintage ephemera, and personal style. She hopes to combine her passion for art, design, and clothing into a career with a fashion publication. You can find her website here, or on Twitter here.


Cassie Goodwin, Contributor

Cassie is a thirty something Australian with an enormously chequered past, who can be found spouting her endless opinions all over the internet. Her opinions are largely confined to The Reluctant Femme at present, but if you feel like you need a constant stream of it, she can also be found on Twitter (@anwyn) and Google Plus.


Lydia Okello, Advising Editor

Lydia is a twenty-something gal obsessed with anything of a vintage, whimsical and girly nature. She has lived many places, but right now she’s happily residing in Vancouver, BC. Lydia is currently a shop girl at a local independent retailer, but would love to one day move to Europe. Perhaps she’ll own a vintage shop with her best friend Kate (The Closet Feminist Web Designer, above), or become a part of Lula magazine. A girl can dream, right? You can check out her personal style blog, Style is Style here, Facebook here, and twitter here.













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