Androgynous + Tomboy Clothing Sources

Sometimes ya just have to dress beyond the binary.

At The Closet Feminist, we’ve bemoaned the lack of butch style inspiration in mainstream fashion magazines, and elsewhere we’re keeping track of Canadian designers who are knocking it outta the park in terms of androgynous offerings. When a local mall chain seems to start offering an LGBTQ2S-friendly campaign, we’re taking notice.

As such, it’s no surprise that we’ve been keeping a close eye on all the tomboy-friendly retailers that have cropped up in the last year. Here’s a roundup of our faves.


Image above found here.

The company: Wildfang

The promise: “….We are a a band of thieves modern day, female Robin Hoods raiding men’s closets and maniacally dispensing blazers, cardigans, wingtips and bowlers […] Like you, we are tomboys […]. We’re here to liberate menswear one bowtie at at time and we’re doing it ourselves because we want it done right.” (read it in full here)

Availability: Online and on sale now!

The Price: $-$$$


Image above found here.

The company: Peau de Loup

The promise: “Peau De Loup went on to asked their customers, what was the one article of clothing that they think menswear does better? The answer was the perfect button up shirt. Using their closed loop sourcing process, they find only the best available shirting fabrics, taking classic purposeful details that have been used for centuries and give them new life on the ALPHA shirt. ” (Read roe about the company here)

Availability: Online and on sale now!

The Price: $$

Bonus: Is that Lydia O., one of The Closet Feminist’s Advising Editors, modelling for Peau de Loup? Yup, it is.


Image above found here.

The company: Kipper Clothiers

The promise: “Founded in 2013, Kipper Clothiers is committed to the production of the highest quality of well-fitting tailored suits and shirts for men and women alike.” Read more here.

Availability: Everything is made to order, but it is online and on sale now!

The Price: $$$

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.32.40 AM

The company: Title A

The promise: “Title A is an amalgamation of eclectic basics, uniforms and classic suiting for women. The aesthetic principles of the brand lie in menswear-quality tailoring and silhouettes with insouciant feminine charm.” Read more here.

Availability: Online and on sale now!

The Price: $$$$


Image above found here.

The company: Greyscale Goods

The promise: “Greyscale Goods curates the best of androgynous apparel and sends it to your doorstep. Finding clothes has never been easier.” Read more here.

Availability: Greyscale Goods just got all their funding from a kickstarter campaign, so nothing is currently on the market en masse, but be sure to check their blog frequently for updates!

The Price: Not sure yet, see note above.


Image above found here.

The company: Play Out Apparel

The promise: “At Play Out Underwear, we offer two different styles of underwear – the boxer briefs, or boyshort, cut and the trunk cut. We would love to upend the standard language surrounding fashion and gender, but not everyone would know what we are talking about. As a start, though, we have given our two cuts different names in order to differentiate between them.” Read more here.

Availability: Online and on sale now!

The Price: $


Image above found here.

The company: Future is the Future

The promise: “Second hand and small-run for all genders”. Read more here.

Availability: Online and on sale now. They very recently launched; check out their Tilt campaign for more information here.

The Price: $

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