Editor’s Inspirations: Fall 2014

By: Emily Y.

I’m feeling weirdly not fall wish-list-y this year for like the first time ever. Instead, I’m trying to find ways to make new outfits and generally remix my wardrobe with what I have already because I’m pretty happy with my current selection to be honest. Here are a few things I consider when getting dressed in the morning.

Here is what my current fashion inspiration board looks like:


I update my fashion inspiration board every few months, here is what I put up around the middle of last month. It’s actually all clippings from Lucky’s glory days–for instance, the one on the bottom left is from August 2010! As long as it inspires my outfits, I dun really care how old the inspiration is.

A new hairdo makes a difference

Scan 6

I recently decided I want to step up my hair-styling skills, and I’ve been having tons of fun with hair donuts, hot rollers, etc. For my birthday, I treated myself to this book above, Braids, Buns, and Twists! by Christina Butcher. Some of the styles are super basic, but there is def enough in there for me to stay inspired and try lots of new things. Be sure to check out Butcher’s blog, Hair Romance for lots of free hairstyle tutorials.

When I’m lacking colour inspiration or I don’t know how to match certain shades, I turn to MSGM.

SMP-22-L-29-E1E7 SMP-22-L-5-CSXV SMP-22-L-2-2S51


This Italian line never fails to get me thinking about new colour combinations. I look at all their shows, new and old, to see how I can be wearing the really colourful stuff in my wardrobe differently. Above are pictures from their Pre-Fall 2012 collection--wanna know how to wear orange and blue and not like you’re on a sports team? How about bright yellow and green in the dead of winter? MSGM lookbooks know how to pull this off, and as such I take notes.

Let it be known: when I start my Girl Gang, we will all be wearing Miu Miu.

_17G0164 _17G0462 _17G0629 _17G0664

…because Prada is a badass boss lady who is a feminist. Sure, she’s got her issues, but when my gang is running this town, we’re gonna look fierce like the ladies in her Spring ’15 show shown above.


Editor’s Fall Wish List: Emily

Last up on our series “Editor’s Wish List” is Emily, the Editor-in-Chief of The Closet Feminist. Check out her list of Fall must-haves below.

Scan 6

Above: From the spread “Public Enemy” in Fashion September 2013.

1. Skirt Suits First on my list is a skirt suit–I really, really want a skirt suit. For some reason they don’t seem all that widely available in non-designer stores for an accessible price. H&M had one for the longest time–in versions of black and blue tweed, but for some inexplicable reason, these skirt suits had hideous metallic silver threads running through the fabric. Just awful. For some reason the fashion world has been freaking out about skirt suits as this really controversial, tricky fashion choice. The truth is, I think that women in suits, no matter if they consist of pants or skirts, will always be a political issue. And besides, skirt suits are so much more versatile in my mind–hello, tights!

Scan 10

Above: From the spread “A Shot of Red” from Lucky December 2010.

2. Leather Gloves Leather gloves are a must for me and the cold, rainy weather that is due any day now in Vancouver. Vancouver doesn’t get really freezing like the prairie provinces and back east, but when it’s cold and raining and you’re walking around holding an umbrella, your hands get unpleasantly damp if you’re just wearing cloth gloves. And I don’t do those Olympic mittens because I’m anti-Olympic, thanks very much. At any rate, my inspiration comes from Bangbang, and also from Tatiana Maslany’s character (one of many, really) Beth Childs in Orphan Black–don’t worry, I’m not into the styling above at all, I just wanted you to see the gloves.

3. Gold Jewelry & a Masculine Watch I’m obsessive about accessories, and I want lots of gold jewelry (I’ll probably just stock up on all things gold at Forver 21 and H&M–I love their accessories). Even the fake stuff makes the most basic outfits look a little more luxe. I also want a big, masculine watch (again, like Beth in Orphan Black). Such watches tend to be expensive HOWEVER, I have a sneaky feeling that I might be able to find a decent-looking one for cheap at a random store like those airport shops that have funny little “3 items for $20”  sales. YVR, here I come!

Scan 9

Above: From the spread “New Frontier” styled by Havana Lafitte in Teen Vogue August 2006.

4. White Tights I do this really obsessive thing where I keep all magazine spreads that I find inspiring, my collection goes back to 2004. Then I go through them every once and while for a little renewed inspiration. This super-old spread from good old Teen Vogue was brilliant in my opinion, and all the tartan-heavy, rockabilly inspired looks have the common feature of white tights. I found it so thoroughly  inspiring that I’m thinking I will swap out my ubiquitous Fall-wardrobe black tights with white ones for a unique twist; it’s a quick way to add something different to even the most basic outfit. Who would’ve thought, hm?

Scan 7


Above: From the spread “Get Smart” in Lucky October 2012.

5. Turtlenecks I loved this spread from Lucky a year ago. It was such a fresh take on corporate chic–just look at the masterful layering in the outfit above (props to stylist Jennifer Hitzges). Bottom line: I want turtlenecks in all different colours for layering–with styling like this they look so fresh and chic, better than (or better with) collared shirts. They could be useful for adding a pop of colour, and equally useful for staying warm.

Editor’s Fall Wish List: Katie

The reason this site looks so amazing and lovely is because of Katie, graphic designer of K. Dixon Designs. She’s also an Advising Editor here, and unsurprisingly has excellent taste and style. Here are her favourite outfit combos for fall.

Fall Look 1
Oasis black sleeveless dress, 98 CAD / Vintage cardigan, 38 CAD / Chinti and Parker cotton shirt, 79 CAD / Topshop black patent shoes, 58 CAD / Hat Attack hat, 130 CAD / The Elder Statesman Thick Cashmere Socks, 220 CAD / Topshop nail polish, 11 CAD


Is this a great autumn palette or what? Mustard socks with chic stripes and patent mary-janes are sure to please.
Fall Look II

Carven silk blouse, 430 CAD / Forte Forte one button blazer, 270 CAD / Preen wool pants, 1,185 CAD / H&M flat shoes, 33 CAD / Frédérique Constant leather bracelet, 1,180 CAD / Wrap headband, 6.29 CAD

The painterly details of this gorgeous blouse are made especially chic by this sharp blazer and scarlet pants. The masculine watch and loafers make this outfit polished enough for work.

Fall Look III
River Island button blouse, 52 CAD / Maison Martin Margiela red sweater, 490 CAD / Rare London flower print shorts, 20 CAD / Black tight, 20 CAD / H&M ankle booties, 41 CAD / ASOS watch, 21 CAD / Black hat, 28 CAD / Clear wayfarer, 12 CAD


Brights and colourful patterns grounded in black details keep things polished and good for when the weather gets colder–and don’t forget a great hat!

Editor’s Fall Wish List: Lydia

A September Issue wouldn’t be complete without an Editor’s Wish List. Kicking off our three-part series is Lydia Okello, blogger at Style is Style and Advising Editor for this site! See her picks for fall below.



1. Howlin sweater: I’m forever on the hunt for cozy knits (I get chilly easily) and how perfect would this be for those crisp autumn nights?


2. Samantha Pleet Arc Boots: My fall wardrobe always requires a pair of walkable boots, and this pair is an interesting color while still being a classic shape!


3. Luck Be a Lady Dress: The perfect shape with a dreamy print to match: my prerequisites of an essential fall dress!


4. Vintage Safari Jacket: The verdant green is a friendly reminder of spring on those gray fall days, and the shape lends itself to being layered over full woolens


5. Opening Ceremony Casino Felt Hat: A hat is the perfect way to avoid ruining your hair, and this felted cap is the fancy version of a ball cap: no effort required!

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