Letter from the Editor: August & September 2016 — brb

Dear Closet Feminists,

We are have reached late summer, and I would like to announce that The Closet Feminist is going to go on summer vacation for August and September 2016.

August will have me really busy with my day job, and I’m not able to balance both my paid job and the unpaid work I do with The Closet Feminist. In September I will be traveling around a lot, and similarly won’t be able to keep up.

IMG_5331Above: Me having some fun at the Richmond night market

As such, I have decided the site will have a formal hiatus for a couple months. What does this mean for you readers?

  • I still might be posting content on occasion, just not as regularly as I usually do.
  • Our social media including our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest will be more infrequent
  • You can follow along on The CF’s related adventures with my 8tracks and the forthcoming publication of my third annual zine

Thank-you for your ongoing support and enjoy your summers!

In solidarity & in style,

Emily Y.


Letter from the Editor: July 2016

Dear Closet Feminists,

Happy (belated) Canada Day! A few days ago I was lucky enough to see case/lang/veirs live, featuring (of course) Canadian treasure k.d. lang. She was utterly magnetic, such charisma and stage presence. So nice to see a Canadian icon sing so close to July 1st. A huge thankyou to AR for the tickets!

Comprised of Neko Case and Laura Veirs, it was pretty much a dream concert for me: boss ladies, being boss ladies and sounding good. I always love listening to Veirs’ July Flame when it becomes timely, and was so excited when they played it.


Above: me in the darkness of the venue after having been presented with my award

In other news, I have recently been honoured with a Spotlight Award from Women in Film & Television Vancouver, which was a pretty amazing way to end June. I was awarded with the Troika Sharon Gibbon award. It is such an honour to be recognized by my community this way.

Fashion-wise, it was also my first live-action film industry event where I was a guest instead of a volunteer. I surprised myself and decided to wear something relatively androgynous, polished, and dark for me. Normally I would be all curls and a vintage dress, but I went with straight hair, minimal accessories, and a sleek black jumpsuit. It felt good to try something different!

In style & in solidarity,

Emily Y.

Letter from the Editor: June 2016

Dear Closet Feminists,

Well this month has already managed to become particularly memorable for me. For the first time ever, I visited the East Coast style capital of Canada–Toronto! I went to go visit my bestie MK for a whirlwind trip. We went to the AGO First Thursdays opening to kick off Pride month, Ward Island, drank our way around Kensington and even hit up The Lockhart, an HP-themed bar (I had a ginger beer and rum-based drink called the Shacklebolt). I had a blast, I must say.


Above: Chillin’ in the AGO

Speaking of travel, here is a ridiculous confession: I actually read and steal the in-flight magazines that Canadian airlines offer. They often suggest places in Canada I would never think to go, or give me more info on cities I def want to hit up. Here are my top 7 Canadian destinations right now:

  1. Saskatoon
  2. Whitehorse
  3. Winnipeg (I went there once last year, would love to go again! So many of my fave people are from Winnipeg)
  4. PEI (Anne of Green Gables forever!)
  5. Fogo Island
  6. Drumheller (I just gotta see them dinosaur bones)
  7. Halifax

I mean, I want to be Prime Minister one day, and I want to see more of my country.

In solidarity & in style,

Emily Y.

Letter from the Editor: May 2016

Dear Closet Feminists,

I had thought that 2016 was off to a rather boring start. The first few months of this new year have left me rather uninspired and feeling like nothing new is happening. I decided to conscientiously invest my energies into making stuff happen, and I’m pleased to say that it’s starting to work! A lot of exiting things have come up, and I think this year will be entertaining after all.


Above: Me, casually hanging out while wearing an awesome feminist tshirt

One such new project is for The Closet Feminist. Starting tomorrow, I will be kicking off a new series. Not going to say–you’ll have to come back and check! There is a hint in this post though….stay tuned, I promise it’s going to be exciting.

Here in Vancouver we’ve had lots of weirdly sunny and warm days given the time of year. Everyone is enjoying the sunshine, but I must admit it makes me nervous. This unusually warm weather might mean another summer-long drought, or perhaps indicates the severity of climate change? Not sure, but its been on my mind for sure. Also, as long-time readers of The Closet Feminist will know, I hate summer clothing. Give me cold-weather layers any time.

Other news–I haven’t seen Lemonade yet, but from some of the images I’ve seen it definitely reminds me of Kasi Lemmon’s amazing film Eve’s Bayou. Def watch if you need more #BlackGirlMagic in your life.

Another update for ya–we’re at May, and I’ve read twenty-five books since January 1st written by women. The first twenty I read are listed here.

May also brings us to the start of wedding season! I’ve got one wedding I’m going to this year so far. Whether or not you’re into weddings generally, be sure to drop by the CF this Friday for a thematic post.

In style & solidarity,

Emily Y.




Letter from the Editor: April 2016

Welcome to Spring, Closet Feminists!

I actually hate spring, it is my least favourite season. It’s probably because I have wicked-bad seasonal allergies and winter is my favourite season (not even kidding).

Regardless of my strong antipathy to this season, I’m at least excited that I can get my garden started.

At the end of March, I was in Calgary for a few days with my lover. And the air bnb we stayed in was….haunted.

Okay, okay, I should clarify–nothing bad or spooky actually happened while we were there–no flickering lights, no odd noises that couldn’t be explained by the fact it was an old house with wood floors, and no weird dreams. We just got a very strong feeling that we should not go into the attic space there.


Above: This is me writing in  my diary in the especially weird-vibes area of the attic. See? Clean and cozy, it just felt weird. When you turn the camera around/the space facing opposite this, you would see the wood area pictured below.

It’s odd, because my lover and I both came to this conclusion on separate occasions.

I noticed he wasn’t going up there much, which is unusual for him (he likes heights). It was a perfectly clean and inviting space, we were allowed to go up there per our hosts, there was a bed and everything.


I went up there a couple times to read and write in my diary, and while I was up there I just got a very strong feeling that I wasn’t, well, welcome, in the attic space. The hairs on the back of my neck weren’t raised, and I poked around and saw nothing at all suspicious. It was just a very strong feeling. I finally asked my lover about it, and he said he totally agreed!

I have come to the conclusion personally that perhaps it was actually at one point lights-flickering, weird-noises haunted. However, I have come theorized that the hosts had the place exorcised or whatever, and when we stayed there we were just feeling the residual energy. Other than this potential haunting, it was a very pleasant stay and they were great hosts.

So that is that. A little early-Spring ghost story for you.

In style & in solidarity,

Emily Y.


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