Best Outfit Ever: The Mindy Project SE02E13

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Dr. Mindy Lahiri has the best style ever, but this outfit from the episode 13 of Season 2 (“L.A.”) is so awesome–that colour, that print, the sunglasses!

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 9.05.40 PM

Note she’s actually wearing navy with the fuchsia–perfect! PS plz ignore Adam Pally/Peter Prentice–don’t much care for how The Mindy Project ends up being The White Bro Project a lot of the time. Her outfit is still amazing though.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 9.06.13 PM

Fashion Week #Trends We Want To Make Happen

Okay so The Closet Feminist doesn’t go to Fashion Week/Month because it’s just not an option at the moment. Should we ever attend though, you can bet that we would try and make these hashtags/trends happen…



Above: from the Topshop Unique FW2014 collection.

Use: Every time you see a fur or faux fur garment dyed in an unnatural colour, and attribute accordingly to the pelt of a deceased Dr. Seuss creature of your choice.


Use:  Temperley London FW2014 = #SoFetch. Pretty straightforward.

Gretchen Wieners will be avenged! Side note: Canadian stunner Dauphine McKee opened the Temperely London show!



Above: Herieth Paul in the Matthew Williamson FW2014 show.

Use: every time you see a Canadian model strut their stuff on the runway. Our faves: Grace Mahrary, Senait Gidey, and Herieth Paul.


Use: to draw attention to the fact that there are either no models of colour in the show you are watching OR when the first 10 looks you see are shown on white models.

Also see: Whiteout Issue.


Use: to draw attention to the fact that there are only one or two models of colour amidst dozens of white models.

Also see: Token Diversity Spread.


Use: Gratuitous picture of yourself? Pish posh, more like necessary picture of yourself.



Above: House of Holland FW2014

Use:  Anytime you see an all-pink outfit that Princess Bubblegum would appreciate. What would Princes Bubblegum do?


_ARC0047.450x675 (1)

Above: Mary Katrantzou FW2014.

Use: When you see a look that a favourite TV character of yours would likely wear. For example, we could see Inara from Firefly gracefully sweeping around Serenity in the dress above.

10 Signs Your Wardrobe Needs a Feminist Makeover

Getting funny looks in the street? Maybe your wardrobe needs a feminist makeover–here are 10 signs that might be true for you.


Above: Image found on Feminspire here.

1. The hardest part of your day is figuring out how to wear one of your 100 “tribal” or “ethnic” print shirts.

2. You opted to accessorize with a Native American headdress when you went to your last music festival.

3. You desperately want people to know you own one piece of second-hand clothing (which you never wear of course), because thrifting is trendy and you just have so much money leftover from your paycheque, why not?

4. You throw away perfectly wearable clothing that people could use because you’re too lazy to take it to a thrift store, donate it, or call a service to pick it up.

5. You like to accessorize with the body parts of people of colour.

6. You would never be caught dead wearing X item of clothing, but can’t think of why someone else would be wearing such a thing.


Above: On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

7. Your wardrobe and style rules are like those of the Plastics.

8. You consider slut-shaming to be par for the course if you wear a miniskirt out (see #1 on this list).

9. The hardest part of your day is figuring out how to justify to the greater public why you can wear one of the items mentioned in points 1, 2, and 5.

10. The hardest part of your day is when you look at your “Made In…” label on your clothes and can’t remember where the country mentioned actually is in the world.

Funny & Fashionable: The Women of Parks and Recreation

tumblr_mlstavYj0F1qb9jcko1_400 parks-320

Oh Parks and Rec, you had as going there–one minute you’re cancelled, the next thing we know you have another season coming up! We love, love, love the ladies of Parks and Recreation. Sure, we love Aziz and Ron Swanson’s moustache, but we love the reign of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) even more. Knope is a strong feminist, great politician, a loyal friend, a super-fan of her local community, and she’s good at everything (fishing, crafting, hunting, being a manager, dealing with difficult people) except she’s a hoarder, so you know. Mind you, she gets by with a little help from her friends: the best nurse in the whole wide world, Ann Perkins (played by Rashida Jones aka “a beautiful, powerful muskox”) whose journey to self-assurance and motherhood has hitherto been hilarious, the ever-sarcastic April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza), and Donna Meagle (Retta), whose flair for business and a luxurious life makes every millionaire look like a joke. The show passes the Bechdel Test, stars 3 women of colour (and at least three of these four women self-identify as feminists in real life as far as we’ve read!!), and we can’t wait for Season 6!

LESLIE KNOPE (Amy Poehler)


knope parks and rec

French Connection no sleeve shirt, 105 CAD / Oscar de la Renta black and white jacket, 1,045 CAD / STELLA McCARTNEY zipper pants, 540 CAD / L.K.Bennett round toe shoes, 200 CAD / Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag, 395 CAD / Circle jewelry, 8.42 CAD / Forever New diamante jewelry, 13 CAD / Crate & Barrel “Waffles”, 18 CAD



perkins parks and rec

French Connection , 42 CAD / River Island tuxedo jacket, 72 CAD / Blumarine skirt, 600 CAD / SPURR high heel pumps, 24 CAD / Carolina Bucci gold hoop earrings, 1,675 CAD / Beaded jewelry, 26 CAD / Ileana Makri diamond necklace, 1,465 CAD / Lancôme lip gloss, 19 CAD



meagle parks and rec

Ballantyne patterned cardigan, 320 CAD / Joie , 210 CAD / MICHAEL Michael Kors stretch waist pants, 94 CAD / Chain necklace, 11 CAD / Sheer scarve, 23 CAD / MAC Cosmetics lip stick, 16 CAD

APRIL LUDGATE (Aubrey Plaza)


ludgate parks n rec

Madewell crop shirt, 330 CAD / H&M plus size shirt, 32 CAD / French Connection jacket, 160 CAD / Warehouse skinny leg jeans, 67 CAD / Oxford shoes, 35 CAD / Satchel hand bag, 5.79 CAD / Long chain link necklace, 15 CAD

Funny & Fashionable: The Women of The Office


58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Press Room

The Office had a good run, and one of the main reasons we loved the show was because of all the strong female comidiennes. While Pam Beesly (later Pam Halpert of course), played by Jenna Fischer was definitely the central woman of the show, the other women off the office were just as compelling as their zany characters.

Maybe it’s because the comedic genius of Mindy Kaling who served as a writer and director for the show.

Maybe it’s because the show passes the Bechdel test.

Maybe it’s because the women are all different shapes, sizes, and ages than the standard Hollywood size 2 and age 20.

But any way you look at it, the show features some brilliant, funny ladies, and this post while super-lengthly, is for them.


pam office

Jack Wills , 56 CAD / SELECTED longsleeve shirt, 39 CAD / Raxevsky slit skirt, 65 CAD / Repetto , 305 CAD / Coach charm, 70 CAD / Cretacolor Basic Drawing Set, 17 CAD

ANGELA MARTIN (Angela Kinsey)

angela office

Frilly top / Vero Moda button shirt, 23 CAD / Coast pencil skirt, 46 CAD / Blue Nile , 51 CAD / France Luxe , 18 CAD / Areaware – Shorthair Cat Mini Cushion, 31 CAD

PHYLLIS VANCE (Phyllis Smith)

phyllis office

Black top, 68 CAD / Alice + Olivia long skirt, 380 CAD / FOSSIL earrings, 41 CAD / FOSSIL jewelry, 83 CAD / Black eyeglass, 32 CAD



meredith the office

Armani Jeans , 160 CAD / Missoni turtleneck sweater, 1,095 CAD / Zenggi cotton cardigan, 135 CAD / T-strap shoes / Carolee , 39 CAD / France Luxe , 18 CAD / Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka 1.75-ltr., 725 CAD

KELLY KAPOOR (Mindy Kaling)


kelly office

Uniqlo cardigan, 21 CAD / Etro , 640 CAD / Topshop , 31 CAD / Giuseppe Zanotti narrow shoes, 750 CAD / Juicy Couture pave hoop earrings, 41 CAD / MAC Cosmetics , 16 CAD / OPI nail polish, 29 CAD


erin office

Trine Vestergaard striped cardigan, 170 CAD / Bettie Page sheer top, 55 CAD / Giambattista Valli , 735 CAD / Le Silla platform shoes, 640 CAD / Vintage style necklace, 19 CAD / Hillier London heart stud earrings, 445 CAD / Andis curling iron, 23 CAD

JAN LEVINSON (Melora Hardin)


jan office

H&M , 40 CAD / Wallis black jacket, 54 CAD / DKNY black evening skirt, 175 CAD / Brahmin python leather handbag, 820 CAD / Sterling silver jewelry / Tiffany & Co. heart pendant, 205 CAD / Simon Pearce Revere Hurricane – S 1586 | 5.25″ X 4.63″, 120 CAD

Also, we want to recognize some of our fave women who made this show hilarious but who we aren’t making an outfit set in the name of brevity (so many hilarious comediennes, so little space!).

Nellie Bertram (Catherine Tate)

Karen Fillipeli (Rashida Jones)

Holly Flax (Amy Ryan)

Jo Bennet (Kathy Bates)


BONUS: Did you know that the Bitch Media blog is doing a series on women in comedy, with the tongue-in-cheek name of Women Aren’t Funny? Check out all these great posts by Gabrielle Moss here. The newest one is on women-hosted comedy podcasts!


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