Inspired by Art Herstory: Monica Rohan


Above: all images by Monica Rohan, found here.

I love Monica Rohan’s artwork —apparently self-portraits of herself perpetually disappearing into flora or fabrics.

MonicaRohan_4 MonicaRohan_2

The Jan Murphy Gallery notes,

“Using space as a striking pictorial device, her female subject is positioned in adventurous settings, endlessly floating or falling, climbing or reclining, hunting or hiding.”

MonicaRohan_5 MonicaRohan_3

Rohan is a young Australian artist, and she’s doing very well for herself–in May of this year, all 15 pieces she had to show at an exhibit in Brisbane sold out before the show even opened! You can see why though, her works are totally dreamy and wistful.

All images throughout found here.

inspired by monica rohan

Inspired by Art Herstory: Kukula’s “Haute Debutantes”



Above: Riri’s Chamber by Kukula. Image found here.


Above: Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2014 Couture

This is like the ultimate Art Herstory mashup–Nataly Abramovitch, aka Kukula, paints debutantes in haute couture. Not just of her imagination–as you can see, some outfits are directly inspired by the couture designs (Ulyana Sergeenko is clearly a favourite for Kukula).


Above: The Three Graces by Kukula, image found here.


Above: Reem Acra Resort 2016AlbertaFerretti_SPring2015

Above: Alberta Ferretti Spring 2015


Above: Marchesa Spring 2015

Kukula was born in Tel Aviv, and is currently based in the U.S. With regards to her dream-prom aesthetic, Kukula’s website notes:

Kukula’s paintings center on feminine, doll-like figures, often surrounded by objects with sometimes clear, sometimes obscure symbolic meaning. The work registers the influences of both classical European art forms and contemporary pop culture. In her figures’ poses Kukula recalls traditional portraiture, yet the style is manifestly modern and pop-influenced. Kukula’s compositions thereby disclose her personal struggles as mediated by a rich multi-cultural heritage.

-statement found here



Above: The Guardian by Kukula. Image found here.


Above: Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2013 Couture

With regards to this series of Haute Debutante paintings, High-Fructose quotes Kukula commenting on her subjects:

“A haute debutante is not an especially rich brat. She may or may not wear haute couture at all. She does take upon herself the task of appearing in the world in a certain way, a way that takes the art of dress seriously. But neither is she bound by the claustrophobic mannerisms of the traditional debutante cotillion. She is haute – above all that. Her knowledge and skill provide her a basis for creativity, allow her to transcend the accepted conventions. The haute debutante aspires to create a world of her own.”

– from High-Fructose here

KukulaAbove: The Dalias by Kukula, image found here.


Above: Reem Acra Pre-Fall 2015


Above: Marchesa Spring 2016

JennyPackham_Spring2015Above: Jenny Packham Spring 2015

Inspired by Art Herstory: Lina Iris Viktor


Above: Title Unknown, Lina Iris VIktor. Image found here.


Above: The Pattern of The Universe Is Paved In Gold by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014.

London/New York/Geneva-based artist Lina Iris Viktor is a woman with a vision. Her works are only ever done in black, white, blue, and gold–24 karat gold (she’s using the actual precious metal folks, not just gold-tinted paint).

If you find her works hypnotic, there’s a good reason for it. Viktor creates her art,

“Through the use of basic geometric forms, square, circle, triangle etc, that appear in an array of variations, sizes, and repetitive pattern structures she builds an idiosyncratic visual landscape across multiple mediums”


Above: Venus V Aphrodite by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014


Above: The Power of 3, 6, & 9 by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014.

There’s much more to it than meets the eye. Her work melds several different philosophies together,

“Governed by a purist color palette, her work considers the natural laws, hermetic philosophies, mathematic & scientific principles, and seeks to instill a divine order to all around her.”



Above: Transcending Time & The Gold Ratio by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014

We love how her work, inspired by all these classical subjects, is also infused with her own presence and image. Women of colour have long been ignored in Western art history, so it is both inspiring and refreshing to see Viktor insert herself into a long tradition.


Inspired by Lina Iris Viktor

Victoria Victoria Beckham lace up dress, 985 CAD / Helmut Lang genuine leather legging, 465 CAD / Jeffrey Campbell pre owned designer shoes, 78 CAD / Versace leather crossbody handbag, 1,145 CAD / Special occasion earrings, 22,485 CAD / Gold bracelet bangle, 200 CAD / Tory Burch polish jewelry, 390 CAD / Kate Spade multicolor ring, 105 CAD / Smoke & Mirrors leopard print glasses, 430 CAD

Quotes and nearly all paintings from Lina Iris Viktor’s website here.

Bibliostlye x Art Herstory Mashup: “Flame of this world and the other world I” by Fuco Ueda

When we saw this painting,”Flame of this world and the other world I” by Fuco Ueda, it immediately recalled a quote from Aimee Bender’s short story (and eponymous collection) “The Girl with the Flammable Skirt”. We couldn’t resist the chance to do a mashup, celebrating the work of incredibly talented female artists and writers.


Above: “Flame of this world and the other world I” by Fuco Ueda, image found here.

“I think of that girl I read about in the paper-the one with the flammable skirt. She’d bought a rayon chiffon skirt, purple with wavy lines all over it. She wore it to a party and was dancing, too close to the vanilla-smelling candles, and suddenly she lit up like a pine needle torch […] But what I keep wondering about is this: the first second when she felt her skirt burning, what did she think? Before she knew it was the candles, did she think she’d done it herself? With the amazing turns of her hips, the warmth of the music inside her, did she believe for even one glorious second, that her passion had arrived?”

-from The Girl in the Flammable Skirt by Aimee Bender


Above: Anna Sui Resort 2016

04-missoni-resort2016_bibliostyleAbove: Missoni Resort 2016


Above: Barbara Tfank Fall 2015


Above: Tanya Taylor Resort 2016


Above: Marchesa Notte fall 2015

Doesn’t this short dress above look like the dress of the girl on the right side of the painting??


Above: Marchesa Fall 2015 

Inspired by Art Herstory: Eva Eun-Sil Han

Eva Eun-Sil Han is a mixed-media artist, currently working in Belgium. Born in South Korea, we love her geometric works that feel both super-modern and like heirloom gems.

eva eun-sil han all the midnights in the world_part1_2011-2013

Above: Eva Eun-Sil Han, from all the midnights in the world. 2011-2012. Image found here.

Han actually painstakingly cuts (with scissors) and pastes (with glue) all her collage works, noting in interviews elsewhere that she likes the tactile experience as opposed to collaging digitally.

eva eun-sil han irreguliere_2010-2011_part2

Above: Eva Eun-Sil Han, from irrégulière. 2010-2011. Image here.

If Han’s works have you feeling dreamy and introspective, that’s intentional–Han is interested in exploring the subconscious and psychology through art.

eva eun-sil han apophenia_part1_2013

Above: Eva Eun-Sil Han, from apophenia. 2013. Image here.

inspired by eva eun-sil han
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