Looks for Ladies in Politics: Hilary Swank as Alice Paul

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Iron-Jawed Angels directed by Katja von Garnier depicts the real-life suffragettes including Alice Paul and Lucy Burns who pretty much are the reason there are women involved in politics in the first place. This 2004 movie is excellent–it stars Hilary Swank and Anjelica Huston amongst others, and even if you aren’t into politics or political movies, the story is great and the clothes are fantastic.

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Looks for Ladies in Politics: Nicola Murray



When she’s not dealing verbal assaults from Malcolm, Nicola Murray (played by Rebecca Front) from BBC Four’s The Thick of It is learning the ropes of politics one humorous way or another. The first time she meets Malcolm (Peter Capaldi), he goes off on her for being dressed inappropriately (she was wearing a modest cardigan and flower-print dress), and she changes her tune accordingly. Here’s an outfit we think she would rock while running the show.

Untitled #135

Yves Saint Laurent button down shirt, 670 CAD / Maison Scotch studded jacket, 305 CAD / NIC+ZOE tulip skirt, 110 CAD / Timeless nude patent leather heels, 46 CAD / CÉLINE black tote bag / Rhinestone jewelry, 145 CAD / Tory Burch stud earrings, 81 CAD

Looks for Ladies in Politics: Betty Francis

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Before Betty Draper became Betty Francis in AMC’s Mad Men, she got to know Henry Francis through her involvement in local politics. Along with a few other women in her neighbourhood, they formed the Junior League of Tarrytown, and lobbied the local government for some changes. Betty herself hosted fundraisers, organized petitions, etc.  Here’s a look we think would have worked for her activism.

Untitled #134

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Looks for Ladies in Politics: April Ludgate



If she’s not wearing some perfectly ironic Halloween costume, or surprising everyone with a last-minute wedding, April Ludgate is perfectly dressed for causing a ruckus at City Hall in Pawnee (see above…). Most recently she’s been promoted to the head of the Animal Control Dept., but earlier on, we were impressed by her very professional looks when she was working in Washington, D.C. with Ben. Politics, no matter what party, require notoriously conservative outfits. The outfit below has the standard-issue pencil-skirt-and-blazer, but with a few fun extras.

Untitled #133

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