Holiday Party Wish List: Erdem

It’s December which is party-and-celebration (and general get-togethers) month. If budget wasn’t a question, Erdem  by Montreal-born, London-based designer Erdem Moralioglu would top our go-to holiday attire list. While the lack of diversity both in the lookbook (shown) and on the runway is disappointing, these looks from the Pre-Fall 2013 collection of this Canadian designer (though he told Flare in May that he, “hate[s] the idea of having to define where you’re from”) are totally inspired.


Above: This coat is so amazing, very Miroslava Duma. The pastel pink collar and cuffs are spot-on trend-wise for winter, and the green with navy lace overlay keeps things winter-worthy. Definitely a way to make an entrance even with just your outerwear!


The dress on the right (above) is perfect for office parties that go from the workaday right into the big event. Most fashion websites and magazines are advocating against a work-to-party costume change, advising instead to wear your party outfit to work and make a few subtle changes. For example, the dress above would be perfect with a cardigan or blazer for work (high collar and modest length are office-appropriate), and when the evening rolls around ditch the coverup and add some sparkly earrings and you’re good to go!


Above: For the formal occasion most of us don’t have to plan for holiday-wise, but a gal can dream! Such perfectly unique yet elegant colours and shapes.


Above: The red is obviously gorgeous, but isn’t the dress on the right just begging to be worn to a family dinner?? Just look, it’s red and green and everything!


Above: Either dress would be PERFECT and so fun for a New Year’s Eve bash! Brights accented with black always looks impossibly cool.











All images from the Erdem website found here.

Closet Feminist Trivia: Year One

Most Popular Article

kristen stewart cf

We never thought in a million years that we would owe the success of our website in part to Kristen Stewart–how random is that? Seriously though, our article Kristen Stewart: Disrupting Gender Roles One Blank Expression at a Time published in February was a runaway hit, and to to this day still holds the record for most hits in one day on our website and the most commented on article we’ve ever posted. It caught the attention of a national reporter and resulted in a bit of press for us, and everyone once in a while (still!) enjoys a renaissance and we get a bunch more hits on it!

Closet Feminists All over The World: Readers & Writers

In terms of readers, our top five fans are the States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and France.

Our writer from furthest away? That would be Cassie over in Australia, the blogger extraordinnaire behind The Reluctant Femme. Read her CF pieces here, here, and here.

We’ve got bicoastal appeal, being especially popular with folks in California and New York, yet our American writers have been in Pittsburgh (Priyanka Sacheti) and Georgia (Dara Mathis)!

On the home front, BC is our #1 fan, followed by Ontario and Quebec.

Our BC team of writers includes Ada, Courtney (read her posts here and here) and of course our editorial team. Back East we’ve heard from Fiorella, and Nicola was in Quebec over the summer, even checking crossing the border to New York to report on the Punk: Chaos to Couture Exhibit.

Halloween Madness

Ya’ll were really panicking about what to wear for Halloween, eh? The week leading up to Halloween was the busiest overall week for us traffic-wise, giving the Kristen Stewart article a run for its money.

Design Decisions

We had three different designs/layouts for our website over the past year before settling on the beautiful design we currently have by Katie Dixon!

Home-Grown Talent

The Closet Feminist editorial team is from Abbotsford–Emily, Lydia, and Katie all went to high school together! Our other major contributors, Courtney, Nicola, and Ada are from Calgary, making this blog a very West Coast effort.

Beauty Queens

We don’t write too much about hair and beauty on The Closet Feminist, but that’s about to change (oooo suspense! what new series is around the corner?). In the meantime here are some of our fave hair/beauty picks:

Piggy in the Middle by Cassie G.

Red Hair is not an Invitation by Courtney S.

Women & Short Hair by Silvia C.

The Politics of Pink Hair 

Class Clown

FA March Ed 1

Above: From Fashion March 2013

Who says feminists aren’t funny? April Fool’s Day was a blast–we posted prank-themed content all day including:

12 Fashion Lessons from Arrested Development

Foodie Fashion DIYs for the Desperate Fashionist@ 

Funny Fashion Links

4 Funny Funny Fashionist@’s you Should Follow on Twitter


We also have our Funny & Fashionable series focusing on the style of some of our favourite lady comediennes and their characters.


Vancouver Holiday Gift Guide: Editor’s Picks

By: Emily Yakashiro

So it’s that time of year where you might want to exchange gifts with friends and loved ones. Whether it’s a Secret Santa thing, hostess gifts, or picks for the fam, here are my recommendations for your bestest year of gifting yet. As a total bonus: everything on my list is from here in Vancouver or other cities in the lower mainland AND most of the places mentioned below are run or owned by women!

For Your Fave Grown-Up



Above: The 2014 Hope in Shadows Calendar, found here.

Do you know about the annual Hope in Shadows calendar/project? It’s a great local initiative, and this beautiful calendar not only gives lower-income folks in our city some holiday spending money of their own, but showcases our city in a very non-cheesy postcard, beautiful way. If you live or work in Vancouver you might have seen some folks out there selling this calendar. From the project’s website, The Hope in Shadows project is a,

“Community project based around a photo contest and calendar for low-income residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside” and “is sold through our vendor program, which creates seasonal employment for people impacted by poverty. While most of the vendors we work with are Downtown Eastside residents, the program is open to anyone who identifies as low-income.”

-from the Hope in Shadows website

ALSO A GOOD PICK FOR:  This a practical, artistic gift, and as such would be good for an office gift exchange, a Secret Santa exchange, or for a friend or loved one far away who could use a touch of Vancouver in their life! If you work or run an office, get one for the break room, or get a bunch for each member of your team!

For the Discerning Teen in Your Life


Above: Image of the coolest undies ever from Daub + Design here.

I would get this one for my stepsister, Britney, or my cousins who are in their late teens/early twenties: a Panty of the Month Subscription from Daub + Design, because OMG how cute is this idea, and the designs are awesome– not too cutesy or too mall-chain-y. I have some of these undies myself and they’re great!!

BONUS: Check out my interview with Vancouver-based Daub + Design owner and designer Lexi Soukoreff here.

WOULD GO WELL WITH: The Rookie Yearbook 2, obviously. Not a BC gift, but seriously, every young woman out there (and twenty-somethings like me) would get something out of this amazing anthology of articles, how-tos, advice columns, essays, etc.


This is Vancouver, where yoga and outdoor culture reign supreme. Ditch cheaply made goods by fatphobic/sexist chains, and  get your favourite yoga or Grouse Grind champ a solid pair of workout leggings from Daub + Design. I obviously really like their stuff…


Got a stylish or artsy friend? Get them local boutique extraordinnaire Front & Company‘s 20th Anniversary Book. It’s a pocket size book showing off some of the best window displays (what they’re known for besides a great selection of clothes) from the past twenty years! I can’t seem to find details on their website, but if you call or drop by I’m sure they can help you out.

ALSO GOOD FOR: mailing someplace far away–since it’s the perfect size, it wouldn’t cost too much to ship. Send it to your Toronto blogger friend who has their doubts about Vancouver’s style scene.

BONUS: Did you know Front & Company is owned and run by two women of colour? Pretty awesome, no?


Guys are notoriously hard to shop for, but my vote is that you head on over to the newly renovated Community Thrift & Vintage, specifically, the Casual Corner-Menswear & Unisex Apparel location (there’s two stores, this one and The Frock Shoppe) and get him some cool, perfectly vintage t-shirts. Can’t go wrong with that–the staff are super-helpful and chill if you don’t know where to get started. Their Facebook page has a sampling of the goodies held in store.

BONUS: Did you know that Community Thrift & Vintage is a social enterprise? In their own words they are a,

“social enterprise in the heart of the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver selling hand picked thrift and vintage clothing in a warm and dynamic environment.  Our purpose is to inspire positive transformation through fashion.  We will accomplish this by having the best selection of clothing at the best price, by employing women with barriers to traditional employment, giving them valuable job skills in a transitional period in their lives, and by donating all profits back into the community through key programs of the PHS Community Services Society.”

-from the Community website

READ ON: I spoke with Community owner & manager Maryjane earlier this year on how to get the best Mad Men-esque look, check it out here.


For those of us without youngsters, it can be hard to think of what to get them for the holidays. I’ve come across two solid picks for the kids in your life, here they are.

1. ABC’s in Harmony by Kim Oshiro


Above: This tiny image I found doesn’t do this amazing book by Kim Oshiro justice.

Okay, this is totally biased as Kim Oshiro happens to be one of my many aunties, but seriously, this beautiful little book is AMAZING (yes, I have a copy and I love it even though I’m in my twenties). In her own words this book,

“With lyrical words and poetic rhymes, the ABC’s are used as a vehicle to deliver manners, morals and positive messages to children around the world.”

She wrote it with the idea of building self-esteem as young ones learn to read. She was also very concerned with representing diversity in the book, and as you read it you will see children of all backgrounds represented. One of my favourite things growing up was having adults read to me, and this book would have been my favourite.

BUY IT: On iTunes here, in print (get it in print, it is totally worth it) here.

BONUS: It was illustrated by Lonnie Barber, who lives in BC like my aunt. Come to think of it, it’s actually an effort entirely driven by women as my aunt wrote it, self published it, and Barber illustrated it!

2. “Draw Me a Lion” Colouring Book

–or stickers, greeting card pack, etc! This local line of stationary encourages creativity and artistic skills by selling a variety of colouring activities. So fun, and perfect for kids at Christmas dinners who prefer to do their own thing.

BONUS: Go see the”Draw Me a Lion” merch in person this Saturday and Sunday in Vancouver at the Got Craft? Christmas market!



Above: Prince Edward Island-shaped serving board from Love my Local.

I personally don’t really “get” foodie culture as I hate cooking and really only like pizza and desserts BUT I know that foodies are a big thing. Plus, I saw these beautiful, locally made, province-shaped serving boards  by Love my Local, and who can resist? They look solid, and it’s high time somebody started making something for gifting in the shape of Canadian provinces (sadly, territories are not represented).

ALSO GOOD FOR: A generous hostess gift, or for a friend/loved one who entertains a lot. They look pretty big though, so probably best for someone who has lots of cupboard space!


This is a pet peeve/manners hang-up of mine: if you are going to a big family dinner or dinner party, you need to bring the host/hostess something, especially during holiday dinners. Hosting people takes a LOT of time, energy, preparation, money, and planning. Show them you appreciate their efforts by bringing them a little something. Flowers, chocolate, and wine are standard, but here are a couple things to go above and beyond without breaking the bank.

1. Trio of Local Honeys by Mellifera Bees

Last year I hit up Got Craft? and Mellifera was selling a trio of local honeys in a sharp gift bag. I got one for my partner’s parents, who hosted us for Christmas last year. Mellifera honeys are nicely packaged and traveled well, not to mention are produced right here in Vancouver, so they’re a way to bring in local flavour-literally! I’m not sure if they’ll be selling the trio again this year, but check out their website just the same for details.

2. Caramels by [in the oven]

Oh-em-gee these are good caramels! Made here in Vancouver with unique flavours like Lime and Smoked Salt, you should definitely stock up on a few bags to give to your hosts. I got some of the Coconut ones a while ago and my grandparents loved them, and so did one of my aunts–a hit for folks of all ages for sure, and decidedly less routine than a box of chocolates!


Got an adventurer in your life? Get them a Map and Pin set by cabin + cub! I’m sad that there’s not one of Canada though there’s one of the States, but there’s one of the world, too. The bright colours and sharp design are totally fresh and inspired–it’s art, a conversation piece, and a diary of sorts all in one!

ALSO GOOD FOR: The university/college student in your life, they need cool art for their dorms or apartments. They can plan their future adventures when they need to distract themselves from midterms!



Above: Image from Strathcona 1890 here.

I have never bought these seed collections personally, but I like the sounds of this Strathcona 1890 Urban Seeds business. It sounds like they have a vision of how to support Vancouver’s communities by helping to create quality gardens and skilled gardeners. Get your loved one with a green thumb a tin of (beautifully illustrated/packaged) seeds in theme packages like “Junior Farmer” and “Urban Apothecary”.

GET THEM STARTED: Don’t know a gardener? Give someone a new hobby with these seeds! Strathcona 1890 focuses on people who want to learn to garden/produce their own food but don’t have a lot of space–perfect for your friend in a basement suite or sharing a house with 6 roommates!

WOULD GO WELL WITH: A beginners gardening book by You Grow Girl blogger Gayla Trail who writes/blogs in Toronto!


Not seeing what you need? Then I would recommend heading out to the Got Craft? holiday market this Saturday, December 14th and Sunday, December 14th here in Vancouver which will have all sorts of cool, locally made stuff.

I would also suggest a cool magazine subscription like Briarpatch (produced in Regina!), Shameless (also Canadian!), Bitch, Ricepaper (produced here in Vancouver!), or WORN Journal (hey Toronto!).

Fashion x Feminism: Major Fashion Stories This Year

We do a lot more in addition to producing original content daily here at The Closet Feminist–we also keep track of and promote fashion media relevant to our vision and values. We figure that recognizing good work where it is done is important, and helps to open up conversations that the fashion industry would rather brush quietly under the carpet.

From celebs declaring their feminism, to fatphobia with fashion’s major CEOs, we use our Pinterest boards to catalogue articles related to fashion and feminism that catch our eye–if you’re looking for something we tweeted or posted on our Facebook group and can’t find it, chances are we have pinned it to one of our sixteen boards.

pniterest board info background

It’s also been interesting to see what kinds of stories have risen to the top of our radar this past year–see for yourself below.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 9.42.27 PM


Background image from Elle Canada May 2013.



The Closet Feminist by Numbers: One Year Anniversary Edition

We’ve come a long way! Here’s what a year’s worth of discussion on fashion, feminism, and personal style looks like (all from a Canadian perspective, of course). As of Monday, December 9th, here’s where we are at!

cf year 1 2

Below is where we were at six months.


And aww here we were at the very beginning–just a month old!


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