Quick Hit: Perfect White Shirt Outfit

As you know, I’m very into Canadian Living magazine, and this magazine has had surprisingly good styling the past few years.

Image above found here.

I spotted the outfit above in their April 2017 issue and thought it was perfect–the silver jewelry, strappy flats and cropped jeans — artsy, and appropriate for casual/creative work environments. I think I might be doing riffs on this outfit all Spring long…


I Want To Wear Betina Lou When I’m Abroad

Later this summer I will be going to a wedding in Europe. Naturally, I’m freaking out about what to wear.

BetinaLou_SS_2016 2016-06-12 at 6.04.07 PM

Then I spotted this perfectly gamine collection by Canadian label Betina Lou. It consists of simple staples that I could mix and match for easy vacation packing. Also, note the simple footwear.

BetinaLou_SS_2016 2016-06-12 at 6.04.53 PM

I think I will emulate this as best I can using existing items in my wardrobe, and add a few sharp accessories for a little sparkle.

BetinaLou_SS_2016 2016-06-12 at 6.05.00 PM

Another reason this collection appeals to me is because I feel like Sylvia Plath would wear it. Did you know that she spent her honeymoon in Spain in 1956? I’m reading her Letters Home right now which is incredible. She was just so damn smart. No wonder she was a Fulbright Scholar.

The people here are also another source of amazement and new discovery. I don’t think I’ve ever been so conscious of the dignity and capacity of women. Why, even in my home there is a startling collection of intelligent, perceptive girls–each one fascinating in her own way. I enjoy knowing people well and learning about their thoughts and backgrounds.

  • Sylvia Plath in Letters Home: Correspondence 1950-1963



All images from Betina Lou.



Nobody Does A Good Dramatic Skirt Like Rosie Assoulin


The Closet Feminist’s ardent admiration for Rosie Assoulin is well-documented (here, here, here). She just nails it every single time.

rosie-assoulin-resort-17-skirt2 rosie-assoulin-resort-17-skirt3

In particular, Assoulin does dramatic, floor-sweeping skirts well. Her designs always turn heads, are feminine, polished, modern, and vintage-inspired all at once.


Her Resort 2017 collection is no exception, as you can see here. Just the best summer collection, no? Just LOOK at these skirts–no one does it better!


Where Are You, Perfect Black Skirt?

I wear skirts or dresses 90% of the time. My latest sartorial obsession is hunting for the perfect black skirt for summer. I have a few good winter ones, but they are a touch too short for the office. Here is what I’m looking for in The Perfect Black Skirt:

  1. Must be all black, no patterns or other colourful details.
  2. A appropriate length, so no shorter than a few inches above the knee
  3. A breathable fabric
  4. NOT 100% jersey/jersey spandex
  5. Must be a-line or just not a bandage skirt or pencil skirt
  6. Machine-washable
  7. Must be able to find in-stores or ship to Canada without extra duty fees, etc.

I have not had much luck I’m afraid. All the stores I’ve checked have moved onto breezy linen dresses and such. Why is no one else looking for an excessively practical black skirt at this time of year??

Here are a few contenders that have come close.

All these Club Monaco skirts are cute, but all are either dry-clean only or ship won’t ship from the states.

CheskaSweaterSkirt_ClubMonaco HannelinaSkirt_ClubMonaco ClubMonaco_NellaPleatedSkirt

These Aritzia skirts weren’t too bad. I only found a couple of them in-store, and the quality wasn’t the best. I might consider ordering the ones that I found online but not in-store that met my criteria.

SureauSkirt_Aritzia Aritzia_GabrielleSkirt

Maybe I should just learn to sew and make my perfect black skirt….what about you folks, any recommendations for where I can find this elusive wardrobe staple?





What To Wear If You’re a Monster Like Me and Hate Sandals

One of the reasons I hate summer clothing and warm-weather dressing is because I do not wear sandals. My feet are super-messed up from wearing heels for years and during most of the year in general. As such, I’m not keen on barely-there strappy sandals and flipflops.

Warmer months therefore present a big footwear challenge for me. I want something lighter and breathable, but I don’t want my toes or heels on display. Plus, I at least I want to try and wear seasonal shoes.

An additional fashion challenge this year is that I will be going to Italy! I definitely want some cuter shoes if I’m going to be near Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world.

What’s a gal to do? Fortunately I have found some good cheats over the years.

Keds_black Keds_foodKeds are def a fave of mine! I have one white pair that I wear to death, then when there are literally holes in the soles, I throw them out and start over again. I’m not precious about my Keds, either. I admit, I kinda prefer to let them get a little dirty–shows I’m active. They’re light and breathable and go with everything.

GLANIEL_98_RG_324 ZAITZ_32_RG_324

Aldo thankfully has a lot of more airy, summery shoes. The brogues above literally have mesh on the side which screams breathable and cool and I get to wear my favourite style of shoe when the sun is shining. I love the detail of the beige flats above as well, definitely gives it kind of a sandal-vibe with those straps.

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