Sled Island Style: La Luz

By: Emily Y.

This article is the third and last instalment of a lil’ mini-series. Check outPart 1 here and Part 2 here.


So literally the last show I saw for Sled Island was La Luz–and it was my second favourite (#1 was St. Vincent). Actually, I saw them twice–they were that good and had a few shows during the festival. Though they were one bandmate short (keyboardist Alice was at a wedding apparently), they put on damn good shows. They were just so cool. The first time I saw them I was waiting through another show to see them and I saw these three women standing together watching the show and I was like “Hmm, I bet they’re La Luz,” and sure enough, they were on stage 15 mins later!


When I saw them during their second show they were there at the club milling about other festival goers, and for the last five mins before they went on, they were all just standing near the bar talking and laughing. They seemed like they were just having fun and enjoying each other’s company, and it was nice (little did they know a Closet Feminist was creepin’ on the side). During their shows, they interacted a lot with the audience with genuine interest but also with a “yea, we do what we want” attitude that I so admire.

la luz 1

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la luz 2

Drummer Marian Li Pino (sadly not pictured here because cell phone camera) looks like she could be a model for Wildfang, and lead vocalist/guitarist looked perfect every time I saw her, and I just generally wanted to raid her wardrobe. Plus, they’ve been featured in BUST, a feminist magazine several times (check out their interview from last summer here), so you know they’ve gotta be good. Have a listen to their work here.

Sled Island Style: U.S. Girls

By: Emily Y.

Did you miss Part 1 of this series? Check it out here.


Like Tigerwing, I really admired Meg Remy of U.S. Girls for being a one woman show. It takes guts to be up on stage all alone and just not give a sh!t, and I love that.

Random back story: on the way to the concert we were driving, and there was a drunk driver on the road in front of us! And it was only 6:00 in the evening! They were swerving all over, skidded along the meridian, and miraculously, did not injure themselves or others for the 5 minutes strip we shared the road with them! I did call the cops–I didn’t want to take any chances with such a situation.


At any rate, I survived this treacherous situation all in order to see U.S. Girls, fancy that. And it seems it was a Closet Feminist destiny–she was featured and interviewed on Rookie, and you know someone has gotta be cool/feminist if they’re on Rookie. Not to mention her music video is about periods–it’s called “28 days”. Love. it.


I do think about how I dress, even more so when I am going to be on performing. But that’s what’s nice about touring and bringing minimal clothes. You only have so many options, so there’s not too much to think about. You put on your one dress or your one pair of slacks and you go out there and do your thing. Where it gets tricky is when I am playing a show in town and then I try on ALL of my clothes and ALL of my sister-in-law’s clothes and then ALL of my mother-in-law’s clothes, and then four hours later I am still asking them “What should I wear?” It’s silly to get so overwhelmed by something that in the end really doesn’t matter. A mirror can be a death trap—you can get lost in it, focusing in on the spots you don’t like about yourself physically and fixating on them. It’s enough to make you not even want to leave the house! It’s good to keep in mind what truly matters, and that clothes do not make the person. Dressing should be a fun, expressive activity but I think for many of us it often becomes a depressing game that makes us zero in on what we don’t have and what we don’t like about ourselves.

-Meg Remy of U.S. Girls on Rookie here



inspired by U.S. girls

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Sled Island Style: Tigerwing

By: Emily Y.


So I went to Sled Island this year, and it was a damn good year to go because the festival’s guest curator was Kathleen Hannah. I know, right? Unsurprisingly, I went with the intention of catching as many shows with female bands, or bands that were fronted by women. And whoa, there are some talented, talented Canadian ladies (the festival was mostly Canadian artists, yay!) out there doing their thing. Here are the shows I caught and enjoyed who made this requirement:

Sarah Davachi

Powder Blue


La Luz

Samantha Savage Smith

White Lung

St. Vincent

U.S. Girls

While I didn’t manage to take pictures at all the shows, I have a few from my phone camera which I’m turning into outfit sets cuz I can. I admire these women not only for their style, but for giving great performances and holding court in an industry dominated by men (like pretty much everything else). I missed other solid bands that sounded great like Hag Face, Roman Polanski’s Baby, Mu, Stefana Fratila, Natasha Kmeto,  and Shannon and the Clams, (to name just a few) but have def been listening to their stuff following the festival since I couldn’t make it. Definitely check out their music and support the work they’re doing if you’re into that kind of a thing.


At any rate, the first show I took some pics (I’m not much of a photographer, hence the poor quality of the pics) for was Calgary-native Tigerwing. She put on a great show, and I really admired how she did the whole thing by herself. She did a cover of Lana del Rey’s Body Electric, so you know, no big deal. Her sound was like Grimes x a mellower Lady Gaga, and I have no doubt she’ll be very famous some day. She came into Broken City carrying a blue suitcase with “Tigerwing” painted on it, and sadly announced before she started that her suspender had broken, but hoped the rest of the evening would go smoothly, which it did, of course. Go listen to her music, and in the meantime, here is an outfit inspired by her look.



tigerwing style

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