Japanese Fashion Magazines x 9-5 Inspiration

By: Emily Y.


So these are all hastily-taken pictures from my phone of a Japanese fashion magazine. A super chill guy I work with recently went to Japan over the holidays, and knowing that I’m prone to obsessing over clothes, he kindly brought in a fashion magazine they picked up while there so I could check it out.


Going through it promptly threw a wrench into my work flow of course; I had no choice but to pore over the pages.


What struck me about the styling is that its very accessible in the sense that I can easily replicate these looks with wardrobe basics I already have. There weren’t really editorials per se, just tons of straight-up outfit ideas. My first thought going through it was “ah, these are all PERFECT outfits for work.” The styling is based on very classic wardrobe staples and neutral palettes which I can easily imitate and punch up with colourful accessories.


I thought of work right away because the hem and necklines are office-appropriate, and the styling is polished. I want to be a boss lady, and I want to look the part.

IMG_0968 IMG_0969 IMG_0970 IMG_0971 IMG_0972Naturally, I thought it best to share with you all, even if the picture quality isn’t the best. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the magazine cover, so if you want to go seek out a copy for yourself I’m not sure what this is called. If any of you can read Japanese and know the magazine, feel free to leave it in the comments!


Mastering the New 9-5

By: Emily Yakashiro

Yesterday I was talking about getting used to my new 9-5 routine, especially the wardrobe part of it. I’m working in a “creative” environment in what is essentially a supervisor-type role. Here are some ways I’m planning on keeping my wardrobe professional but with fun touches.

1. Update the classic button-down.


Above: These blouse clips from I’m Your Present are so zany/fantastic, no? Image found here, get your hands on the clips here.

Add something special to your button down! Alternatively, wearing a slim scarf tied up in a bow gives the effect of a blouse with a bow and still look sharp. Btw, I get my button downs from thrift stores (my only classic white collar button-down is actually a $3 shirt I got from the boys section at the MCC so the buttons are on the other side and everything hehe), and Joe Fresh usually has classic options though their prices have gone way up the past couple years.

2. Fake your way to a new pair of shoes


Above: Image found here.

I love this work-worthy look above. I’m obviously not going to run out and get this unique pair of shoes, what I’m going to do instead is emulate the look shown by wearing my black, round-toe platform heels with green socks, or my sage-coloured tights. It achieves a similar effect and doesn’t break the bank at all.

3. Add sophistication with a silk scarf

Real silk or fake, who cares! An old-lady-style silk scarf always looks polished either around your neck or tied to your handbag. Normally I’d say head to the thrift store for such scarves (it’ll run you $3-$6 here in the city), but here in Vancouver thrift stores are pretty picked over by the big vintage store scene we have. If you’re looking for a short cut, I know Mintage has a huge bin full of silk scarves, and Community has a decent selection, too.

4. Getting a Grown-Up Bag


Above and below: the Muralles bag at Aldo.


I personally don’t get or care about designer purses, even if they are luxurious like Egyptian cotton. However, I’m all about faking your way to an expensive-looking purse/bag. A backpack just won’t cut it for my new routine, and the tote I have is looking a little rough since I’ve had it for about five years now. I have had my eye on Aldo bags for a while now–I have a stylish cousin whose bags always look super-expensive and stylish, and she told me she always gets them at Aldo. So when that first paycheque comes in…seriously though, the bags pictured above are SO chic and a relative steal at $60/ea!

BONUS: More office-appropriate style inspiration whether you’re working from home or in a cubicle in our Work Week Inspiration category here.

Work It, Girl!



Above: A killer, work-appropriate outfit suggested by Refinery29’s Gina Marinelli here.

Refinery29* is one of our favourite fashion sites–their content is consistently diverse (not token), and explicitly feminist (!!!!!!). Lately they’ve been doing some great styling pieces on work clothes so we thought we’d do a round up for all you folks looking for a little 9-to-5 inspiration.

Hired! 10 Creative Interview Looks by Annie Georgia Greenberg

Yes, You CAN Wear Miniskirts to Work by Ellen Hoffman

No Bunching, No Stretching: A Lus-Size Workwear Brand That’s Actually Cool by Connie Wang

How To Update Your Work Wardrobe for Fall by Mara Ferraira

How To Dress Like A NYC Boss Lady by Gina Marinelli

How To Revive Your Boring Work Clothes by Gina Marinelli


BONUS: Check out these screen stills from the 1980 feminist classic Nine to Five starring Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin, and Jane Fonda here.






*This is not a sponsored post. Refinery29 and The Closet Feminist do not have a working relationship beyond our fan-girl tendencies for their site.

Work Week Inspiration: The Great Outdoors

Working outside has its perks: Vitamin D from the sun, fresh air, and exersize. There are also a lot of downsides: bad weather, standing in one place for a long time (like if you’re sorting through food or a flag person on a construction site), if you have seasonal allergies, etc. You’ve got to be very comfortable, dressed for the weather, and have to wear what’s safe for your workplace (i.e. boots, visible clothing, hard hat, etc). Wardrobe-wise, this category may seem kind of silly–who needs to look good if you’re picking berries or planting trees? We’re not saying that you do–your safety and comfort are the most important, so def follow whatever requisite guidelines your work place has. If you’re doing your own thing though (i.e, running a landscaping company or whatever) why the heck not wear that goofy sweater or obnoxiously bright hat? Makes things a bit more amusing…

Key skills: preparing for the weather, safety, layers for if the weather promptly changes.

Reccomended Blogs/Sites:

Hel-Looks (not especially practical always, but lots of inspiration for layering up in cold weather)

Patagonia Outdoor Clothing

Tilley Endurables

Dream outfit:

Just for fun!

work week inspiration: the great outdoors
Marc by Marc Jacobs printed shirt, 130 CAD / Green cable knit sweater, 61 CAD / AllSaints skinny leg jeans, 145 CAD / Antipast , 32 CAD / Blue booties, 160 CAD / ASOS , 21 CAD / Mitten glove, 3.94 CAD / Brooks Brothers Cotton Athletic Tank Undershirt – Three Pack, 29 CAD

Work Week Inspiration: Working In or from Home

If you work from home, chances are you are not only working but stopping to do chores and running quick errands as well. Those of us who work from home can tend to fall into a rut–what’s the point of getting dressed up if no one will see you? This is practical thinking indeed, but if you do have to run out, you’re already ready to go which is a bonus. As another bonus, working from home gives you a chance to experiment with new trends and looks, and by the time you’re ready to try floral pants in public (or whatever trend), you’ve already tried out several different looks on your own at home.

If you work in someone’s private home, like a care attendant, tutor, nanny, etc, you’ll likely get to dress fairly casual, but should be comfy in case your job involves a lot of lifting, cleaning, etc.

Key Skills: Comfort and practicality that you can easily wear out if need be, nothing too fancy that can get ruined easily if you’re cleaning or taking care of little ones.

Recommended Blogs:

Little Chief Honeybee

Delightfully Tacky

The Clothes Horse

The Stylish Heart (she doesn’t seem to update anymore, but the outfits in the archives are still great!)

Dream Outfit:

Nothing too fussy–a warm sweater, a simple chambray button-down and practical but pretty accessories.

work week inspiration: working from/in a home

Komodo , 110 CAD / Denim shirt, 40 CAD / River Island short mini skirt, 35 CAD / ASOS flat shoes, 23 CAD / Dsquared python bracelet, 115 CAD / Yellow gold jewelry, 30 CAD

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