Advertising & Partnership Policy

Advertising with The Closet Feminist

At this point in time, The Closet Feminist is an independent, grassroots website. We are not looking to partner with any companies or stores to sell advertising spots on our site right now.

We are also not interested in guest posts, or otherwise being paid to post content/blog posts on our website.

As we look to the future, we might change this policy as we look for ways to make the production and upkeep of this website sustainable. However, keep in mind that The Closet Feminist is Canadian website with a very strong commitment to feminist and anti-oppressive principals. We are very much interested in local, independent businesses with a focus on clothing and personal style that are run and owned by women. Anything less than that we would never consider promoting, so keep that in mind if you approach us with a potential advertising or partnership campaign.

The products, publications, websites, etc, that we write about, tweet, or otherwise promote are not affiliated with The Closet Feminist unless specified. We just think it’s important to support other media forms similar to our own.

Events & Reviews

We would be happy to check out your fashion or personal-style related event, or review your store or product provided it is relevant to our interests and/or philosophies.

You can see samples of our event and store reviews with the articles below.

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Review: Montreal’s Skoop Agency Sample Sale

Quick Review: Got Craft? April 2013

Diversity in Vancouver Fashion Week


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