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You can follow The Closet Feminist here, there, everywhere! All of our social media presences serve a different purpose for us, choose which one is best for you!

Twitter: @Closet_Feminist

If you follow The Closet Feminist on Twitter, expect frequent updates not only about what we are posting on the website that day, but also fashion news both local and global that we think is relevant to the interests of CF readers.


Not only do all of our Tweets automatically get posted on our Facebook page, but we frequently post article ideas, submission call-outs, and more funny/personal behind-the-scenes stuff. It’s definitely more of a local, community space where we can more informally interact with our readers and discuss the website–we’re always want to hear what you have to say!


Our Tumblr is definitely the most visual–we almost exclusively post images only, no text. We never post our articles on tumblr, nor our tweets. It’s just fun fashion-y images with a strong focus on featuring folks who might not normally see in magazines.


Word on the street has it that some folks don’t much care for Pinterest. We love it–it’s a community consisting of mostly women exchanging ideas, inspiration, and creative support, so we’ve joined in! We use our Pinterest account a little differently, using it to index/categorize articles that have caught our eye. If you were looking for an article we tweeted about but can’t find it combing through our tweets, chances are it’s been put on our Pinterest. To pique your curiosity a little further, here are a few of our 13 boards: “Politics & Fashion,” “#fashionheartsracism,”  and “Diversity in Fashion”.


The newest social network we’ve joined is YouTube. Expect quick and interesting discussions on all things related to fashion and feminism; the videos will be entirely unique content that we’ve otherwise not mentioned on the website in article format. We’ll also have transcripts for all the videos, as well as links to other relevant pieces. Our first video takes a look at all the issues of Lucky published so far in 2013 to determine how diverse (or not) this publication is.

We’re really happy to announce that The Closet Feminist is part of the blog network. While this site will remain our main platform, we also cross-post some of our articles here, even posting unique content once in a while!

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