Want to write for The Closet Feminist or send in an editorial spread? Great! We want lots of opinions, writers, stylists, and models to be involved in The Closet Feminist. No previous experience writing  for a blog or taking pictures for a photo shoot is necessary.

Pitch your ideas for articles/stories/editorial spreads etc by emailing The Closet Feminist . You can contact us by emailing 

 Send it our way: Articles and Writing

  •  Personal stories/articles about your relationship to fashion, personal style, etc.
  • Observations and explorations about issues relevant to personal style, fashion, the fashion industry, etc (for example, how do you feel about ‘slutty’ halloween costumes? Do you find it problematic that when it comes to major political figures like Christy Clark, Michelle Obama, and Hilary Clinton, people seem to care more about their outfit than what they’re saying? Do you find it more than a little ironic when fashion magazines write articles about how there aren’t enough models of colour and then use only white models in their spreads?)
  • How-to guides (how to shop at thrift stores, how to find a good dry-cleaner, how to wear what you want and not feel bad about it, etc)
  • Contributions to our regular columns, like Well Read, Well Dressed, or Style & Substance. Make sure you send us the sources for the images and writing!

Send it our way: Photo Shoots and Editorials

  • Find some models, grab a camera, and take pics! You don’t need to be Arthur Elgort. Check out Rookie for a good example of what would work for us! ( OR
  • You will get credit for the photos and everyone involved in the shoot including links to blogs.
  • Remember, this is supposed to be a collaborative, community-based website so feature clothes designed by all sorts of different designers.
  • Seasons, schmeasons. Seriously, we don’t need coat specials in November and bathing suit spreads in July. Style what you want!
  • Style evolution pics! Doing a retrospective if your own style and how what you wore meant to you? (see My Mom the Style Icon, or Amanda Brooks’ book I Love Your Style for inspiration)
  • Unique editorials styled and photographed by you/your friends
  • Sorry, no nudity please! We’re not prudes, we just want this to be accessible for folks of all ages and safe for work.

What we’re not so interested in

  • Things not expressly and directly related to fashion AND feminism. Though we are a feminist blog, we are focused exclusively on fashion, personal style, and how that relates to feminism. Though we are horrified about things like Canada’s minister for the Status of Women voting in favour of banning abortion (yea, we’re pro-choice), we won’t be blogging about it here. Don’t get us wrong, this is VERY IMPORTANT to discuss, but this isn’t the place
  • Poetry. Just doesn’t seem like a good fit right now. We’ll let you know if that changes.

For further inspiration, just read the site! It should give you a pretty good sense of what we’re all about.

$, etc.

You will not be paid for what you submit. This may change in the future if we become really popular or something, but for now it’s pro-bono. We will keep all our writers and photographers updated if this changes.

Haters take note

The Closet Feminist editorial team has a right to pick and choose what we want on our blog. Hateful, offensive, discriminatory articles or pictures will NOT be considered obviously.