Contributor’s Guidelines FAQ

The Closet Feminist is not your typical fashion blog or fashion magazine. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Contributor’s Guidelines.

Do I have to have an extensive understanding and grasp of feminism and/or anti-oppression to write for The Closet Feminist?

Absolutely not. Feminism and anti-oppression are about your lived experiences, not something you get in a degree or by taking a course. There is a great project called Who Needs Feminism you should check out that may help identify where feminism is present in your life. The bottom line is: the editorial team appreciates articles that are feminist, whether implied or explicit. If you are stuck or struggling with this, feel free to contact us so we can brainstorm and discuss what you would like to write about together!

What qualifications do you need to be a writer for The Closet Feminist?

The Closet Feminist features content in English only (for right now at least…), so that is really the only qualification. You don’t need to be Jane Austen though to write for us, in fact–

You do not need to have the following to contribute to The Closet Feminist:

– A university/college degree

– You do not need to have graduated from highschool

-Previous experience writing for a website

-A fashion or personal style blog of your own

– To know or follow any fashion/personal style blogs

-‘Good’ style of your own. Seriously, if you prefer sweats and t-shirts but have a major opinion about the lack of models of colour in the latest issue of whatever fashion magazine, send it our way.

-Awesome writing skills. It helps, but hey, that’s what the editorial team is for.

-A fancy camera. If you want to do a fashion spread using a disposable camera or the camera on your phone, that’s fine as long as we can se the pictures!

-Major photography skills. Really, this isn’t Vogue.

Who do I contact to submit an article or fashion spread?

Send all submissions and questions to

Do I need to be a certain age to submit articles?

No, you don’t. Anyone can write for us!

However, for the fashion/editorial spreads, we’re not interested in children’s clothing/fashion, sorry!




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