Participate in an Editor’s Roundtable Discussion!

Participating in an Editor’s Roundtable

Occasionally, certain topics simply warrant more than one voice and opinion. Here at the Closet Feminist, instead of having one writer cover a topic, we want to bring together five people and discuss the topic at hand, roundtable style.

In order to participate, people must be living or willing to come out to Vancouver for a face-to-face chat with other people. Each discussion will be organized, mediated, and recorded by a Closet Feminist team member. We will meet up somewhere in Vancouver and discuss for a couple hours.

The first few topics we want covered are:

1.Cultural Appropriation and Fashion

2.Plus Size Style & Fat Oppression

3.Dressing for boys/girls: Whose View/Gaze Matters most for you and Why

4.Voting with Your Dollar and Ethical Shopping (Fast Fashion, American Apparel, and what you do when one of your favored brands or stores does something offensive)

This is a first-come first-serve opportunity, so the first 5 people to email us for each topic will be the ones who attend. We will organize the precise date and time after we get all of our participants. As the discussions fill up we will update this page accordingly.

The environment for the Editor’s Roundtable is intended to be accessible–if you have an opinion, you’re welcome to attend. However, keep in mind that the discussions are about sharing space and discuss these matters in a respectful manner. As such, women of colour, folks who self-identify as being part of the LGBTQ2S communities, and other folks who identify as being part of a minority are strongly encouraged to get in touch with the editorial team to participate. To the introverts: never fear, the Closet Feminist team member will be there to mediate the flow of the conversation to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.