Did the SP 16 Comme des Garçons collection remind you of Howl’s Moving Castle, Too?


Above and throughout: All runway images Comme des Garçons Spring 2016 found here.

Lately I have been busy pinning the Spring 2016 Paris fashion shows. When I saw Rei Kawakubo’s Spring collection for Comme des Garçons, I was TOTALLY reminded of Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, based on the eponymous YA novel by Diana Wynne Jones.

Perhaps it was the power of suggestion–over at Vogue.com, Sarah Mower reviewed the Comme des Garçons show and noted,

Once more this season, she again blocked the expectation that she would offer anything recognizable as clothes. Instead she mounted a monumental sculptural meditation on “Blue Witches,” a coda further explained by her husband Adrian Joffe as “Powerful women who are misunderstood, but do good in the world.

– Sarah Mower here


The looks Kawakubo designed reminded me both of Howl in his monster form, and the Witch of the Waste in her various evolutions throughout the film.

howls-moving-castle-howl2 howl4 Howl-s-Moving-Castle-howl3


CommeDesGarcons_Spring2016_8 CommeDesGarcons_Spring2016_7 CommeDesGarcons_Spring2016_5 CommeDesGarcons_Spring2016_10

Both Howl in his monster form and the Witch of the Waste are featured with navy/indigo/dark-as-the-night sky blue and purple as their main colours. Feathers, luxurious fabrics are represented on both characters, and both cut pretty imposing figures at different points in their transformations. Blue witches, indeed!

howls-moving-castle-witchofwaste2 Howls_witchofwaste1 HOWLS_MOVING_CASTLE-witchofwaste3


CommeDesGarcons_Spring2016_4 CommeDesGarcons_Spring2016_3 CommeDesGarcons_Spring2016_2 CommeDesGarcons_Spring2016_1

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