Fall Fashion Icon: Princess Bubblegum of Adventure Time

K, we know that you are probably questioning why we are infantilizing ourselves by choosing a cartoon character as a fashion icon or whatever. But hold your horses: Princess Bubblegum or PB of Adventure Time is pretty damn cool as far as princesses go. She’s a monarch, but she spends a lot of time chilling and socializing with her loyal subjects, or otherwise personally attending to their needs as citizens–aka she’s a good leader and is willing to bend the system, all very impressive considering she’s only 18! Dare we say she evokes a little Leslie Knope? She’s super smart, and is always doing science experiments or jetting off to conferences on the Morrow (her chauffeur bird). She’s no Damsel in Distress, either. While she sends Finn and Jake to do her bidding most of the time, she’s also saved the day on more than one occasion. Furthermore, Bitch reports that she in fact might be read as a queer character! If she seems a little too sweet for you, don’t worry, she’s not all sugar and spice–she’s got a villainous streak in her that has caused a few zombie apocalypses and there are other brief scenes where she is shown doing experiments that are a little more than ethically questionable….

In terms of fashion, we love how the animators of the show actually put her in different outfits from time to time–most cartoon characters always wear the same boring thing for every episode of their existence. Plus, she’s very relevant for fall, sporting pink and pastels constantly which all magazines are hailing as The Trend for this season. Just see for yourself….


Above: The Princess in her quintessential lab coat.

IMG_1040 IMG_1045 IMG_1047Above: A look Vancouverites should appreciate–yoga wear for royalty!
IMG_1049 IMG_1050 IMG_1053

Above: A rough day at the lab….but she still manages to accessorize (below)


Above: PB in her Arctic Rescue Mission ensemble.

Below: Love the on-trend Heidi braids and pared down pantsuit. Hillary Clinton would be proud!



Above: Even PB has to break out the sweats sometime.

IMG_1060 IMG_1063

Below: Love her futuristic jumpsuit worn for a conference she’s hosting.

IMG_1067 IMG_1068 IMG_1070

Above: So, so awesome–it’s like she’s taking notes from another awesome princess, Xena! Can you see her gladiators??

IMG_1073 Above: Princess Bubblegum calmly preparing for battle in an ombre gown.




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