What is feminism?

Short answer: Feminism is awesome!

Longer answer: Feminism can be a lot of things. Some feel it is a philosophy, others feel it is more action-based. It can be a blend of both and is very much what you make of it. One possible way to think of feminism is to consider it a guiding philosophy/set of values or principles that questions and critiques the system (i.e. patriarchy) that binds folks of all genders, but especially self-identified women to roles and stereotypes that are neither fair, enjoyable, safe, or just.

There are lots of questions about feminism, and a fantastic resource I recommend you check out is the series of YouTube videos called Feminism F.A.Q.s by Jarrah Hodge, the brilliant feminist behind Gender Focus: A Canadian Feminist Blog. These videos do an amazing job of explaining many common questions about feminism effectively and efficiently–all of the videos are less than 5 minutes long!

For all things pop-culture and media, definitely check out Feminist Frequency by Anita Sarkeesian. She also has YouTube videos that do a really good job of using feminist theory and thinking to explain and examine pop culture.

Another option is the super-awesome blog Feminism 101 for other questions about Feminism, they’re pretty fantastic. Finally, a good one that is nice and succinct and also based out of Canada (like Hodge’s blog) is the ‘F Word Project’ put together by my Alma Mater, the University of British Columbia. Here is what feminism means for this project:


  1. I act to end all forms of inequality based on gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, race, ethnicity, religion, and socioeconomic status.
  2. I challenge systems and ideas that reproduce inequalities.
  3. I am committed to individual choice and self-determination.
  4. I strive to create an environment where it is safe to question the status quo.
  5. I am continually challenging my own privileged positions.

Why feminism?

Because we need feminism. Because the fashion world needs feminism.

Do you have to be a feminist to read this blog?

Of course not! The Closet Feminist is obviously committed to its feminist, anti-oppression philosophy, and our content will be determined by these guiding principles. So, if the content appeals to you, then read on.

Can I still read this blog if I am a guy or transgendered, genderqueer, or anywhere on the LGBTQ2S spectrum?

ABSOLUTELY. This blog is a safe space for folks of all genders to get together and read and discuss fashion, personal style, and feminism. We heavily monitor the comments to ensure that nothing offensive or homophobic is being said, and all the content is approved and edited by our editorial staff to make sure what is written is in line with what we stand for. The writers and editorial team of The Closet Feminist come from diverse backgrounds, and we strive to make sure our content reflects these different parts of our identity.

I don’t think feminism is worth it/Don’t you think feminism is a waste of time?/I hate feminism/You stink.

Then this is for you!

Who runs this blog?

This blog is run by a bunch of different people including writers, an editorial team, etc. It is an independent project, there is no one behind the scenes here who is getting paid for this, and this is not sponsored financially by anyone yet. If we DO get sponsors eventually, rest assured that we will be up front about it AND that we have a criteria for sponsors that if they don’t meet, they don’t get to be a part of this blog.

How can I get a link to my blog/website put on the home page?

All the links that we currently have on our website have been of our own choosing–no one is sponsoring us to put those links up. We just think it’s important to support other feminist websites and feminist fashion bloggers. We will update the links as things catch our eye.