Fashion Icon: Little Dragon

By: Emily Yakashiro

You know who’s supa-fierce and always looks the part? Yukimi Nagano who fronts the band Little Dragon. A couple years ago she toured with the Gorillaz and I went and saw them when they hit Vancouver. I was up in the nosebleeds and Gorillaz shows are huge–there’s upwards of 20 people on stage at a time. When Nagano/Little Dragon came onstage though all eyes were on her for sure–even in a huge crowd she stands out. Take a look at some her looks below to see what I mean.


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Nagano joins peers like Gwen Stefani, Emily Haines, and Debbie Harry being the only woman in their respective bands. It’s no doubt difficult in an industry dominated by guys, but Nagano handles it with aplomb. Plus it’s especially cool that she’s a woman of colour.


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One of my fave Little Dragon songs is “Ritual Union”. It’s a little old now, but you can have a listen here.



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Check out the newest  song from Little Dragon, “Klapp Klapp” on the March BIRP playlist here (it’s #60). tumblr_m6zvdmdZ9a1qe2eovo1_1280

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