Get Your Feminist Halloween Fun Here!

A little round-up of feminist Halloween-related resources making the rounds right now. We’ll update it as more stuff comes up. *NEW UPDATES OCT 29*


Above: Mean Girls forever!

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On Sexy Halloween Costumes

Sexy Halloween Costumes are Okay! on The Vancouver Observer

You’re Not a Feminist if you Call Halloween Costumes Slutty on Thought Catalog

Gender, Race, and Halloween Costumes on Gender Focus

F*ck No Sexist Halloween Costumes

Before You Dis Slutty Halloween Costumes, you MUST read this on GirlTalk HQ

Dress as Slutty as you Want this Halloween, Just Don’t Act Like a Dick on Jezebel

Thinking About Offensive Costumes

Some Non-Racist, Non-Sexist Halloween Costume Ideas on Feministing

Something borrowed: An open-ended conversation about cultural appropriation on Rookie

An Open Letter to Pocahotties: the annotated version on Native Appropriations

My Identity Isn’t Your Costume on Shakesville

How many women dressed up kinda like Karlie Kloss for Halloween? on Feministing

TWERK Costumes Are a Thing Now?! on BUST

Don’t Mess Uo When You Dress Up: Cultural Appropriation and Costumes on Bitch

There are 4 more days to not dress up as blackface Tratvon Martin for Halloween on Feministing

Costume Ideas

Take Back Halloween! A Costume Guide for Women with Imagination

4 Creative Costumes from our Favourite Movies on Refinery29

Your Queer Guide To Free/Last Minute Halloween Costumes on Qwear

10 Easy (and Fun!) Halloween Costumes on Refinery29

What I Would Be For Halloween If I Could… right here on The Closet Feminist!

10 Pop Culture-inspired Costumes to Whip Up This Halloween on Refinery29

10 Easy Feminist Halloween Costume Ideas on BUST

4 Kickass Halloween Costume Hair and Makeup DIYs on Refinery29

WeLoveFine Adds New Geeky Dresses for Halloween Costumes on The Mary Sue

Scream Queens: Outfit Inspiration for Fighting Demons of All Kinds on Rookie

Black Milk’s Halloween Fashions are Horror-Inspired on The Mary Sue

It’s Not Too Late: Feminist Halloween Costumes on Bitch

8 Alternatives to ‘Sexy’ Halloween Costumes on Jezebel

5 Tech-Inspired Halloween Costumes on Refinery29

20 Feminist Halloween Costumes on Bitch

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas: Cheap, Creative Costumes for Everyone on Huffington Post

Your Next Level Costume. Done. on Refinery29

5 Great Costumes You Can Whip Up Tonight on Refinery29

3 DIY Halloween Looks for Under $25 on Refinery29

10 Geeky Halloween Costumes for Inveterate Procrastinators on The Mary Sue

Procrastinators: These Halloween Costume Ideas are for You on Refinery29

General Halloween Fun

Kristen Schaal Reveals Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever on The Cut

15 Dark and Spooky Lady Led Musical Acts for your Halloween Mood on The Mary Sue

2013’s Most Popular “Sexy” Halloween Costumes Might Surprise You on Refinery29

Disney Princesses Wearing Pop Culture Halloween Costumes on The Mary Sue

Even More Disney Princesses Dressed as Other Characters for Halloween on The Mary Sue

Disney Characters Dressed Up As Other Characters, Take 3 on The Mary Sue


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