Like a Virgo: How Does your Sign affect your Style?

By: Emily Yakashiro

Above: A look from Flare Magazine’s Jan. 2013 issue, from the spread “Star Styles,” this look is for Virgo, styled by Elizabeth Cabral.

Every so often, especially around New Years, magazines or websites focused on fashion will suggest some styles and looks for folks according to their horoscope sign. Now, when I was a teenager, I was really into this sort of thing. The then-existent CosmoGirl did spreads like this, and I’m pretty sure Seventeen did, too. I sort of lost interest in horoscopes a bit for a few years there, but now I’m back into it, now inspired by my “resident horoscope expert” aka my 17 year old stepsister, Britney T. I’m especially interested in how your sign affects your fashion choices.

Now while I’m still learning lots about horoscopes and style, I do know this: Lydia, one of my best friends who runs Style is Style, is a Virgo like me, and we do have some curious sartorial tendencies that Lydia has figured is because of our sign.

What we share in common that has been consistent, especially the older we get, is the following:

1. Interest in truly practical yet beautiful shoes. Usually simpler, less showy ones that can go with many outfits. We’re sick of cheap shoes that fall apart, and have talked lots about investing in good shoes.

2. We usually tend to favour simple, practical handbags or purses–def no logos on them or anything, minimal hardware, neutral colours, etc.

3. We both tend to wear a lot of white (and a lot of colour of course)

4. While our outfits are distinct and unique, we never show off much skin.

5. This last one might be a bit of a stretch BUT we both have very girly, feminine style so you know, Virgo being a maiden and all…

Our style differs in a lot of ways too, but the things above are definitely fairly consistent which is interesting indeed given our common factor.


Above: A look from the same Flare spread, this is the look for Capricorn.

So what about other signs? I got Britney to weigh on on the matter, she said that star signs, “definitely effects how you dress and your own personal style.” She suggested the following for each sign:

Aries would want to always try new styles first, and enjoy sporty type clothing because they’re so active.


Taurus is a big fan of expensive or brand name clothing with nice texture– it has to feel good on their skin and be good quality or they won’t wear it.


Gemini [is] a tough one– they probably can have very different styles, like one day be stylish, and [the next] day not care; they’re all over the place.


Cancer would want comfy, [sophisticated] clothes, and would probably have a favorite piece of clothing that they wear a lot.


Leo likes to be the center of attention, and would want to wear clothes that draws attention to them, and brings out their attractiveness.


Virgos would want a practical style like for working that’s not too hard to maintain.


Libras always want to look beautiful, and they do.


Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, so they are said to be the most beautiful signs. They tend to care alot about their personal appearance and style.


Scorpios like black and other dark colours. They might look intense or have a sexual vibe to their style .


Sagittarius are always on the go so also sporty, like Aries but they might like more “exotic” looks.


Capricorns like to look professional, maybe wanting to give off the sense that they’re the best at what they do-leaders, in control, etc.


Aquarius would be quirky, always ready to try new styles like Aries . They’re the ones most likely to create or tryout new styles.


Pisces are very susceptible to whatever is around them. They are most likely to copy other people’s styles around them, but they would probably favour a more bohemian style.


-Britney T.


Above: Another look from Flare, this one for Libra.

If such suggestions seem a little too broad, what about colours for each sign? Britney also mentioned, “each sign might prefer a certain colour.”

Aries is red. Taurus like light pinks or blues, same for Libra. Gemini yellow. Cancer blue. Leo purple or warm colors like yellow or red. Virgo likes beige or other neutral shades. Scorpio black or red . Sagittarius purple. Capricorn also likes black. Aqaurius light blue, and Pisces blue or sea green; they like to look like the ocean.

Britney was also quick to mention that things aren’t always as simple as the twelve signs themselves, having your complete chart (which is based on precisely what time you were born) done can be super-informative and helpful in terms of guiding or explaining your look. Britney gives an example, explaining, “a Virgo with Leo rising may also want to wear clothes that attract attention. Or, someone with their moon in Pisces may be drawn to ocean-like colours.” As an example, my Sun is in Virgo, which apparently means that I am especially obsessed with perfection, which is true in my whole life, but shines through in my style as well. I iron all my clothes (even my jeans when I wear them), and if I don’t have a chance to before I go out the door, I’ll admit I get pretty sulky. I’m also pretty obsessive about shoe upkeep- my partner jokes that he feels like he’s always taking me to pick up shoes from the cobbler/shoe repair shop!

What do you think about signs and style–is it all in the stars? Do you find you dress similarly to other people who share your sign, or very differently from people whose signs are opposite yours?


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