Spring 2017 Trend Report: Purple

Purple can be tough. While it’s a playful colour, it is not typically considered very professional. Finding colours to go with it can be a challenge at first, so it was surprising to see purples from lavender to rich plum shades all over the Spring 2017 runways! As always, all these looks are pulled from design houses helmed by women!

Above: Rachel Comey Spring 2017

Above: Alberta Ferretti Spring 2017

Above: Alessandra Rich Spring 2017

Above: Attico, Spring 2017

Above: Rodarte Spring 2017

Above: Temperley London Spring 2017

Above: ThreeasFour Spring 2017

Above: Veronique Leroy, Spring 2017

Above: Versace, Spring 2017


All images from Vogue Runway.

Paris Rainbow: Fall 2016

A look from every colour of the rainbow–all from the Fall 2016 collections from Paris–based female designers!



Above: Vanessa Bruno Fall 2016 



Above: Alessandra Rich Fall 2016 



Above: Sonia Rykiel Fall 2016



Above: Zadig & Voltaire Fall 2016



Above: Vika Gazinskaya Fall 2016



Above: Sacai Fall 2016



Above: Miu Miu Fall 2016

Bibliostyle: Catherynne M. Valente’s “Fade to White”


Above: Rosie Assoulin Resort 2016

Finally the dress. The team at Spotless Corp. encouraged foundational garments to emphasize the bust and waist-to-hip ratio. Sylvie wedged herself into a full-length merry widow with built-in padded bra and rear. It crushed her, it smoothed her, flattened her. Her waist disappeared. She pulled the dress over her bound-in body. Her mother would have to button her up; twenty-seven tiny, satin-covered buttons ran up her back like a new spine. Its neckline plunged; its skirt flounced, showing calf and a suggestion of knee. It was miles of icy white lace, it could hardly be anything else, but the sash gleamed red. Red, red, red. All the world is red and I am red forever, Sylvie thought. She was inside the dress, inside the other girl.

The other girl was very striking.

Sylvie was fifteen years old, and by suppertime she would be engaged.

  • from “Fade to White” in The Melancholy of Mechagirl by Catherynne M. Valente


Above: Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Fall 2015 Couture

Below: Alexander McQueen Fall 2015

003-alexander-mcqueen-fall2015 alexandermcqueen_spring2016

Above: Alexander McQueen Spring 2016

Below: Blumarine Spring 2016

blumarine_spring2016 notte-by-marchesa-falll2015

Above: Marchesa Notte Fall 2015

Below: Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2015 Couture

Ulyana_Sergeenko_spring15couture Alessandra_Rich_spring2015

Above: Alessandra Rich Spring 2015

Bibliostyle: “Shirley” by Charlotte Brontë


Above: Marchesa Resort 2016


Above: Zimmermann Resort 2016


Above: Pamella Roland Resort 2016

Then she had to dress in her freshest and fairest attire of white muslin; the perfect fineness of the day and the solemnity of the occasion warranted, and even exacted, such costume. Her new sash […] was tied by the dexterous fingers of Fanny, who took no little pleasure in arraying her fair young mistress for the occasion; her simple bonnet had been trimmed to correspond with her sash; her pretty but inexpensive scarf of white crape [sic] suited her dress. When ready, she formed a picture, not bright enough to dazzle, but fair enough to interest; not brilliantly striking, but very delicately pleasing; a picture in which sweetness of tint, purity of air, and grace of mien, atoned for the absence of rich colouring and magnificent contour [….]

Shirley, indolent with the heat, and gay with her youth and pleasurable nature, wanted to talk, laugh, and linger; but Caroline, intent on being in time, persevered in dressing her as fast as fingers could fasten strings or insert pins. At length, as she united a final row of hooks and eyes, she found leisure to chide her, saying, she was very naughty to be so unpunctual; that she looked even now the picture of incorrigible carelessness: and so Shirley did-but a very lovely picture of that tiresome quality.


Above: Alessandra Rich Fall 2015


Above: Marchesa Notte Resort 2016


Above: Sophia Kah Spring 2015

She presented quite a contrast to Caroline: there was style in every fold of her dress and every line of her figure: the rick silk suited her better than a simpler costume; the deep-embroidered scarf became her; she wore it negligently, but gracefully; the wreath on her bonnet crowned her well: the attention to fashion, the tasteful appliance of ornament in each portion of her dress, where quite in place with her: all this suited her, like the frank light in her eyes, the rallying smile about her lips, like shaft-straight carriage and lightsome step. Caroline took her hand when she was dressed, hurried her downstairs, out of doors, and thus they sped through the fields, laughing as they went, and looking very much like a snow-white dove and a gem-tinted bird-of-paradise joined in social flight.

– from Shirley by Charlotte Brontë

Bibliostyle: Nellie Bly’s “Around The World In Seventy-Two Days”


Above: Rosie Assoulin Spring 2015


Above: Stella McCartney Spring 2015


Above: Victoria Beckham Spring 2015

I have never met a man or woman yet who was not aroused by that answer into doing their very best.

If we want good work from others or wish to accomplish anything ourselves, it will never do to harbor a doubt as to the result of an enterprise.

So, when I went to Ghormley’s, I said to him: “I want a dress by this evening.”

“Very well,” he answered as unconcernedly as if it were an everyday thing for a young woman to order a gown on a few hours’ notice.

“I want a dress that will stand constant wear for three months,” I added, and then left the responsibility rest on him.

Bringing out several different materials he threw them in artistic folds over a small table, studying the effect in a pier glass before which he stood.

He did not become nervous or hurried. All the time that he was trying the different effects of the materials, he kept up a lively and half humorous conversation. In a few moments he had selected a plain blue broadcloth and a quiet plaid camel’s-hair as the most durable and suitable combination for a traveling gown.


Above: Alessandra Rich Spring 2015


Above: Sacai Spring 2015


Above: Orla Kiely Spring 2015

Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons Spring 2015

Above: Comme des Garçons Comme des Garçons Spring 2015

Before I left, probably one o’clock, I had my first fitting. When I returned at five o’clock for a second fitting, the dress was finished. I considered this promptness and speed a good omen and quite in keeping with teh project.

After leaving Ghormley’s I went to a shop and ordered an ulster. Then going to another dressmaker’s, I ordered a lighter dress to carry with me to be worn in the land where I would find summer.

I bought one hand-bag with the determination to confine my baggage to its limit […]

Packing that bag was the most difficult undertaking of my life; there was so much to go into such little space.

I got everything in at last except the extra dress. Then the question resolved itself into this: I must either add a parcel to my baggage or go around the world in and with one dress. I always hated parcels so I sacrificed the dress, but I brought out last summer’s silk bodice and after considerable squeezing managed to crush it into the handbag.

– from Around The World In Seventy-Two Days by Nellie Bly

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