Majority of Models in “Canadian-inspired” show were White

Last week saw the run of Toronto Fashion Week. Predictably, Pink Tartan was one of the favourites of the shows–designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran’s Fall 2014 collection was indeed quite charming.


Image above found here.

Newport-Mimran told StyleList Canada her inspiration included Canadian winters, and the Canadian aesthetic in general.


Image above found here.

Rather curiously, Newport-Mimran’s Fall 2014 show showed a conspicuous lack of models of colour–of the 39 looks shown, less than a third were shown on racialized minorities.


Mind you, Pink Tartan has a pretty poor track record for runway diversity–the much-lauded Spring 2014 show (pictured above) featured only one model of colour in a show of 39 looks!

Now we love to see a Canadian lady making waves in our fashion scene, but here’s hoping that future “Canadian-inspired” runway shows are as diverse as the country they represent.

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