Suited to the Task: Evan Rachel Wood

All eyes–and iPhones–were locked on Evan Rachel Wood at the Golden Globes this past January, when she chose to wear a custom Altuzarra tux instead of a gown. “I’m not trying to protest dresses, but I wanted to make sure that young girls and women know they aren’t a requirement,” she said, adding later, “I promised myself I would wear a suit to every awards show this year.”

  • Evan Rachel Wood in “Suit Yourself” by Wendy Kaur in Elle Canada April 2017

Other sharp suits for inspiration:

Above: Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Pre-Fall 2016

Above: Barbara Bui, Pre-Fall 2016

Above: Dondup, Pre-fall 2016

Above: Marni, Pre-fall 2016

Above: Ports 1961, Pre-Fall 2016

Above: Stella McCartney, Pre-fall 2016

Our Pick for Canadian Designers x the Met Ball

The fashion world is abuzz with speculation about the outfits we’ll see at the Met Ball. After all, as notes, this particular occasion is, “like the Oscars for the fashion industry.” The theme for this year’s ball is punk, so to get into the spirit of things we picked out a few looks from some of our favourite Canadian designers that we think are worthy of this event.

Above: Lucian Matis S/S 2013. Image found here.

Who’s wearing it: The starlet without a punk bone in her body.

With punk style you’ve gotta know what you’re doing or you’ll fool no one. If you don’t have the necessary attitude, this dress certainly fits the “ball” aspect of “the Met Ball”, and will stay within your comfort zone but the patent black reptile and edgy structure will show you can participate if you absolutely have to. Add an unexpected detail like a pair of short, green satin gloves  and you’re good to go.

Above: Denis Gagnon S/S 2013. Image found here.

Who’s wearing it: The supermodel.

With this dress, it’s all about collar detail. Otherwise, it’s very 90s Kate Moss. Everyone goes to the Met Ball, and this dress is for one of the many supermodels who will be attending this star-studded event. Note how the haircut adds so much to the punk feel. With a fancy updo, for example, this dress would just look odd. Add an armful of lucite bracelets for a different touch




















Above: Greta Constantine S/S 2013. Image found here.

Who’s wearing it: The impossibly chic editor.

If you’re reporting on the ball as much as you are attending it, this punk twist on le smoking will see you through the event. We would add a big statement necklace, like a gigantic tooth fashioned out of simple metal to add just a touch more glamour to this look.




















Above: Jean-Pierre Braganza S/S 2013. Image found here.

Who’s wearing it: The gamine

This dress is a statement in and of itself, just add some fierce shoes. We could see Kristen Stewart in this with some Docs, no? For someone who’s a little more figure-conscious, we’d suggest throwing on a hologram belt or a leather harness.




















Above: Jeremy Laing Spring 2013. Image found here.

Who’s wearing it: The celeb who’s really committed to the theme.

This dress by Jeremy Laing is evocative of this infamous look worn by Gwyneth Paltrow a few years back. However, with the right support and a simple silver collar necklace, this dress will ensure the wearer will go down in Met Ball history– in a good way.

Above: UNTTLD Fall 2012/13. Image found here.

Who’s wearing it: The pop star ready for a new image

This heavy metal look is enough on its own, no need for much accessorizing. We could see this particular outfit as being the one that has transformative qualities in the eyes of the press–it would be that surprise hit outfit that takes someone who always looks good on the red carpet to someone who is really memorable and unique.

Above: Tavan & Mitto S/S 2013. Image found here.

Who’s wearing it: The rebel

‘The rebel’ at a punk-themed gala may some ironic but still–this wild look is unexpected in the sense that it is not your usual ball gown silhouette, and the colour is not overly cheerful but rather evocative of graffiti.


Our Pick for Canadian Designers + Red Carpet Events

With awards seasons over, and the last of the fashion week models going down the runway, we can’t help but think the next little while will be lacking in some serious red carpet glamour. So, we’ve decided to do a little daydreaming, and picked out a few outfits by some of our favourite Canadian designers that we think are worthy of major Hollywood events.

As a side note, we should note that while we were delighted by all the beautiful creations by these designers, very few (from what we could tell) used models of colour in their runway shows or lookbooks, if at all. Carlie Wong, however, gets the most points for using the same model of colour in her most recent lookbook for all of the outfits. Greta Constantine also gets props for using significantly more models of colour then the rest of the designers we selected.

The Ceremony: The Grammys

The Look: Fun, bold, colourful, less classic red-carpet, more daring

The Designer: Mikhael Kale S/S 2013

Why: We love, love, love this dress (below). The lace and pastel colours is demure, but the length and back are anything but. The Grammys have always been experimental, with celebs showing up in some really zany stuff- and that’s what the big ruffles on the dress and the tie-dye/acid wash jacket in the luxe fabric are for.


The Ceremony: The SAGs

The Look: Everyone is there, so you want to stand out. The SAGs are kind of in the middle of everything, so refresh your audience with something really distinct and elegant.

The Designer: Lucian Matis (this look is from Runway S/S 2013)

Why: We usually don’t like the complete look of a dress right on the runway, but we love this. The dark lips and long, sparkly earrings are just classic-Hollywood enough to temper this bold, floral, flowy dress. Most award ceremonies see a ton of strapless ball gowns, but this is certainly going to turn heads with the long sleeves.

The Ceremony: The Golden Globes

The Look: It’s the first major event of the awards season, so you want to debut in something beautiful and unique to set the tone for your future red-carpet appearances.

The Designer: Duy (the dress below is from the S/S 2013 collection)

Why: This floor-length gown is a classic cut for any red carpet event-it’s the striking aquamarine that makes it a show-stopper of a dress. The gold/beige detailing at the neck and waist adds a really elegant touch sure to catch the eye of fashion critics at the show.

The Ceremony: Cannes

The Look: This major film festival is a star-studded event, stars from all around the world attend. Since there are so many celebrities, you’re going to want to stand out. Like the Grammys, Cannes tends to be more colourful and experimental, so embrace that, while wearing something decidedly Spring-y–the festival usually takes place in May.

The Designer: Greta Constantine (the dress below is from their S/S 2013 collection)

Why: While white seems unoriginal for spring and summer dressing, this dress is anything but boring. The sculptural details and careful cutouts will definitely capture attention. And yes- wear the hat!

The Ceremony: The Academy Awards/the Oscars.

The Look: Ah, the main event! Unlike all the other awards ceremonies, the Oscars have a more selective guest list it seems, so you definitely want to take advantage of your time in the spotlight. The Oscars are the Hollywood event, and chances of your look going in the Fashion Hall of Fame are very likely, so dress to impress!

The Designer: Carlie Wong (this dress is from her latest collection)

Why: Red is a classic Academy Awards colour, and the subtle but memorable details of this stunning dress are sure to make you shine when you collect your gold statuette. The long sleeves will stand out–the Oscars usually see a lot of strapless dresses. The high leg slit, plunging neckline, and visible back are definitely bold, but the overall effect is actually quite classic silver-screen, no?


Kristen Stewart: Disrupting Gender Roles One Blank Expression at a Time

You know what, we’ll say it: we’ve realize that Kristen Stewart is kind of awesome–really awesome, in fact.

(Wait, hold on–we’ll say up front that we’re not fans of Twilight, so there, that’s done with.)

We discovered our admiration of Kristen Stewart after being inspired by a tweet we read by @graceishuman, which was posted Sunday night in response to Stewart’s Oscar appearance:

“I kind of love Kristen Stewart’s flat affect and how she doesn’t GAF that everyone hates on it. #Oscars2013”


We read this and it hit us: yes, Kristen Stewart gets a lot of flak for looking boring, not smiling, and generally having a blank expression.

But you know what? It’s really refreshing. Women are expected (celebrities are no exception) to smile, look pretty, and generally be a ray of sunshine in everyone’s lives. When someone as famous as Stewart doesn’t, the whole world freaks out: Why isn’t someone so young and beautiful and famous smiling? Just give us a smile, gorgeous! You’d be so much prettier if you just smiled! 

If women are not smiling and happy, then they are probably whiny, difficult, a bitch, or PMSing–or so the world and media seems to tell us. Why can’t Stewart have a blank expression? Last time we checked she’s a very popular movie star and very in-demand, which must be stressful and not as much fun as everyone would think.

Plus, why fake a smile when you know every single person taking your picture is practically demanding a smile, while simultaneously judging every single aspect of your outfit? Not to mention that even if you do smile and then suffer some sort of unfortunate wardrobe accident (nip slip, crotch shot, etc), that they will viciously turn on you in a second?

Stewart also gets a lot of negative comments about her apparent lack of glamour or style and infamously wearing flats or sneakers when she “should” be wearing platform pumps.


This also bucks the gender expectation that women should willingly and happily physically suffer in order to look good (which she did big time, when presenting an award Sunday night). Stewart tends to throw that out the window, wearing Converse with haute couture as she pleases, and why not? What’s wrong with comfort and sticking to your guns instead of being pretty eye or arm candy?

Besides, if Robert Pattinson can show up with scruffy facial hair, why can’t Stewart wear flat shoes to a red carpet event?


Bottom line: Kristen Stewart, it took us a while to get here and we apologize for the delay, but we salute you and all your surprisingly subversive acts of  independence and dare we say it–feminism.


Want more? Read this:

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Dear Kristen Stewart: You’re Exactly My Brand of Antiheroine by Wendy McClure on BUST Magazine.

Fashion & Slut-Shaming Revenge Fantasy: Women of the Oscars 2013

So we’re all pretty grossed out by Seth MacFarlane’s “boob song” at the Oscars last night. Well, joke’s on you MacFarlane, ’cause now you get the honour of being the target of our latest Fashion & Slut-Shaming Revenge Fantasy…

STARRING: Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Meryl Streep, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Marisa Tomei, Helen Hunt, and Scarlett Johansson.


Seth MacFarlane finishes his stupid song, and the audience is silent. Charlize Theron and Naomi Watts are clearly unimpressed, and they should be–they’re Oscar winners and nominees, and he’s some lowly TV guy who barely made headlines until making them for being a sexist moron.

“Oh crap…” the Oscars directing team panics from their out-of-sight production box. They scramble, and cut to commercial. “Damnit people, why did we let this happen!” They shout to one another and immediately start to brawl, unfortunately turning their eyes away from the audience…

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Watts and Theron push away anxious makeup artists and march up on stage together, and drag a stammering MacFarlane off stage. As she does, Theron winks at Kristen Stewart and Nicole Kidman, both of whom immediately get on their phones.

“I-I-I didn’t think…” he stammers. “Damn right you didn’t,” says Watts kneeing him in the back as Theron throws the whimpering host to the ground as soon as they have him off stage.

They are relieved of their burden quickly enough. As it turns out, Kidman and Stewart were quickly contacting numerous important people, and before MacFarlane realizes it, his career is destroyed.

But back to the action.

Watts and Theron escort their pathetic target to the exit doors, where he is quickly shoved into the back of an SUV, only to find himself sandwiched uncomfortably between Helen Hunt and Marisa Tomei, who he can’t help but notice are looking particularly fit and angry. “You worthless slime,” hisses Tomei, “Look what’s become of you already,” and she throws a phone at MacFarlane, whose eyes widen and water as he realize the PR nightmare concocted my Kidman and Stewart. “Please, I was just trying to be funny,” he begs, starting to blubber and cry. His suit is a complete mess. Hunt rolls her eyes, “Pfft, and they think that it’s the men who run Hollywood. Well you just wait, ” she says, shoving him into the side of the car hard. MacFarlane crumples, and stays collapsed against the car door for the remainder of the ride while Hunt and Tomei laugh and read choice headlines of his demise aloud to him.

After what seems like hours, Tomei opens the door, and Hunt shoves MacFarlane out of the car, he lands pathetically on the concrete of what appears to be a Wal-Mart parking lot. Before he can turn to ask, Hunt and Tomei throw water balloons out the window at him, and laugh as the SUV screeches out of the parking lot.

He is alone. But not for long.

He sits their weeping like a child, and suddenly, as if appearing out of nowhere Scarlett Johansson stands before him. She spits in his face, then drags him forcibly up from the ground. She pushes him, making him walk forward into an ominous-looking warehouse. MacFarlane pleads, “Please! Tell me what’s going on! Are you going to kill me??” Johansson shoots him a steely gaze, but is silent. She smirks slightly, her lack of talk completely unnerves MacFarlane and before ling he is completely losing it screaming, “Help! Please! I’ll give you the rights to my shows! I’ll give you my car, my house!” Johansson stops. “There’s only one thing we want,” she says in a dangerously quiet voice, “Your dignity.” And she shoves MacFarlane through the doorway of a the completely dark warehouse.

The doors slam behind him, he is alone in the dark, Johansson seems to have disappeared like smoke. The lights come on, MacFarlane is temporarily blinded, and there, sitting calmly on a stack of crates is Meryl Streep.

He realizes this is the end of the road. “Please, Please Ms. Streep, I’m sorry, it was a stupid song, I should never have gone into media and entertainment, I-I-I….” Streep cuts him off with a wave of her hand:


The lights go out again.

MacFarlane is never seen again. All of his shows are taken off the air and never spoken; it is as if he never existed.

The next year Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Meryl Streep, Naomi Watts, Nicole Kidman, Marisa Tomei, Helen Hunt, and Scarlett Johansson are mysteriously put in charge of the Oscars. It is the best show ever. They hire Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph to host it, Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling are in charge of the press and red carpet, and the whole world is surprised by how humorous the show is, and how well-represented the women of Hollywood are for the first time ever.



















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