Editor’s Spring Wish List: Emily Y.

Last up in our Editor’s Spring Wish List series is founder and Editor-in-Chief of this site, Emily Y. Did you mist Part 1 or Part 2? Check out Lydia O.’s picks here, and Katie D.’s picks here

1. Highwaisted Jeans


I’m looking to steamline my wardrobe. I don’t wear jeans/pants often, but when I do I like them to be highwaisted. I love me some Cheap Mondays–the ones above are not like my typical style at all, but there’s something about them I just like. PS–Vancouver, you can get Cheap Monday Jeans at vintage store Mintage on the Drive!

2. A Classy Purse


There are two things that I really don’t care much for when it comes to fashion: nice bags and nice shoes. I like practical bags and shoes, sans labels s.v.p. I think labels are tacky–the luxury aspect comes from not the logo but a bag that looks timeless and well-made, and Aldo is where its at. I like the purse above cuz its chic and orange–a colour I can’t wear near my face (I don’t look good in orange but desperately wish I did), but holding an orange bag would be fine.

3. Miu Miu forever!


My wardrobe colour inspiration for Spring this year is definitely the Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2014 collection. I normally don’t care much for runway collections however, this show caught my eye for inventive colour combinations that are so fresh and inspired in my opinion. The weights of the fabrics are good for cooler spring days, while the colours speak to warmer days.

4. Something Canadian


The Sarah Stevenson for Target collection is the perfect balance of “professional” and “creative” that I need for my young “creative professional” job. I support lady designers, especially those who are Canadian, and Stevenson’s collection is the one for me! I want this shirt, I’d wear it with tons of gold jewelry for sure.

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