Quick Hit: Perfect White Shirt Outfit

As you know, I’m very into Canadian Living magazine, and this magazine has had surprisingly good styling the past few years.

Image above found here.

I spotted the outfit above in their April 2017 issue and thought it was perfect–the silver jewelry, strappy flats and cropped jeans — artsy, and appropriate for casual/creative work environments. I think I might be doing riffs on this outfit all Spring long…


Oldie But Goodie: “King & I” editorial from Lucky Magazine

LuckyMagazine_King&I 5

I was flipping through my collection of old Lucky magazines, and I came across this spread, “The King & I” styled by Jennifer Hitzges and photographed by Tierney Gearon. I’m not sure what issue it is from exactly, but I think it’s from 2013. It was such good styling I just had to share some scans.

LuckyMagazine_King&I 3 LuckyMagazine_King&I 1


The description of this editorial was “Mix ladylike pieces with stark prints, a few retro details and maybe just a hint of Elvis.” Oh Lucky, you were so, so good.

LuckyMagazine_King&I 2


In the one above, it’s hard to tell from the scan, but she is wearing sparkly silver boots! Also, if you like this look, I definitely recommend this dress by She Loves Dresses.

LuckyMagazine_King&I 4 LuckyMagazine_King&I 6 LuckyMagazine_King&I



Current Style Inspiration Board: June 2016


I love Pinterest and all, but when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I want to see my current style inspiration without logging in to anything.

Enter my good old fashioned cork board, which I update whenever I need new inspiration. Here, I’ve pulled inspiration from the late and great Lucky and Teen Vogue before it sucked.

Here’s what I’m into this month:

  • soft colours and pastels punctuated by flashy jewellery (see the two images on the bottom right). I love the idea of having a light-coloured shirt contrasted with bronze-age-style necklaces, or lady-like pastels with glitzy, Vegas-inspired baubles
  • Jewel tones mixed in with brighter, summery shades or simple tshirts (see top middle, top right). Why not wear an eggplant skirt with a white tshirt and black vest like the Kstew ensemble?
  • Office-appropriate staples rethought with bright colours or textures (ex, an orange pencil skirt, metallic loafers, etc)

Random Style Inspiration: Imogen Poots in Flare March 2014

I was going through my stack of old Flare magazines, and paused when I saw the Imogen Poots cover story for their March 2014 story. I loved the dress she is wearing on the cover (so fresh! so fun! so perfectly on-trend still even for a two-year-old magazine), and flipped to the interview.


Styled by Tiyana Grulovic and shot by Jason Kim, the whole shoot was totally inspired. I would wear every look still, and wish I had all the clothes in my closet.

ImogenPoots_FlareMarch2014_6 ImogenPoots_FlareMarch2014_5

I loved the colour, the prints, the white shoes that worked with everything, and the sharp accessories.

ImogenPoots_FlareMarch2014_2 ImogenPoots_FlareMarch2014_1


It’s exactly the look I want for spring/summer: polished but not stuffy, bright but not obnoxious, ladylike but cheeky. I just had to share it all here for some quick style inspiration–well done, Flare!

Music x Style: Jessica Rylan in Pink Noises

I recently just finished reading Pink Noises: Women on Electronic Music and Sound by Tara Rodgers. I’m not super-into electronic music, but I love reading music writing and journalism by women.


Above: image found here.

The book was composed of interviews split into six different sections including “Nature and Synthetics” and “Alone/Together”. I thought it was excellent, and though I was not familiar with most of the musicians interviewed, I was fascinated by their creative process and interaction with their craft. Definitely a must-read for any creative.


Fashion-wise, I was totally inspired by the simple photograph of Jessica Rylan on the cover. Rylan is an artist and performer, and invents her own electronic music instruments–doesn’t get much cooler than that.


The photograph on the cover is taken from the same performance as the one above, and I just thought she looked so cool. I love what appears to be a super-dark purple tweed flecked with colour, and rose blouse. The silver chain bracelet is simple (no doubt to not interfere with her performance) but just enough to make an impression. Here is a super-simple riff on her outfit below.

Inpsired by Jessica Rylan
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