Summer Wish List 2017

Here’s what I wish I was wearing this summer: either super-femme long skirts and dresses OR blousy separates that I could wear and sweep about looking rather like a cult leader…

Above: Ahhhhh this is my dream outfit!! From the Carolina Herrera Resort 2018 collection.

Above: Work-perfect I should think! Monse Resort 2018

Above: Even when it’s sunny out I would rather be at the library wearing one of the dresses above by Temperley London (Resort 2018).

Above: Yesssss. Red, dramatic, self-assured. Rosie Assoulin Resort 2018

Above: My favoured work uniform. Add a really dramatic necklace to get my aforementioned cult leader feel. From the Rosetta Getty Resort 2018 collection.

Current Style Inspiration Board: June 2016


I love Pinterest and all, but when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, I want to see my current style inspiration without logging in to anything.

Enter my good old fashioned cork board, which I update whenever I need new inspiration. Here, I’ve pulled inspiration from the late and great Lucky and Teen Vogue before it sucked.

Here’s what I’m into this month:

  • soft colours and pastels punctuated by flashy jewellery (see the two images on the bottom right). I love the idea of having a light-coloured shirt contrasted with bronze-age-style necklaces, or lady-like pastels with glitzy, Vegas-inspired baubles
  • Jewel tones mixed in with brighter, summery shades or simple tshirts (see top middle, top right). Why not wear an eggplant skirt with a white tshirt and black vest like the Kstew ensemble?
  • Office-appropriate staples rethought with bright colours or textures (ex, an orange pencil skirt, metallic loafers, etc)

Random Style Inspiration: Imogen Poots in Flare March 2014

I was going through my stack of old Flare magazines, and paused when I saw the Imogen Poots cover story for their March 2014 story. I loved the dress she is wearing on the cover (so fresh! so fun! so perfectly on-trend still even for a two-year-old magazine), and flipped to the interview.


Styled by Tiyana Grulovic and shot by Jason Kim, the whole shoot was totally inspired. I would wear every look still, and wish I had all the clothes in my closet.

ImogenPoots_FlareMarch2014_6 ImogenPoots_FlareMarch2014_5

I loved the colour, the prints, the white shoes that worked with everything, and the sharp accessories.

ImogenPoots_FlareMarch2014_2 ImogenPoots_FlareMarch2014_1


It’s exactly the look I want for spring/summer: polished but not stuffy, bright but not obnoxious, ladylike but cheeky. I just had to share it all here for some quick style inspiration–well done, Flare!

What To Wear If You’re a Monster Like Me and Hate Sandals

One of the reasons I hate summer clothing and warm-weather dressing is because I do not wear sandals. My feet are super-messed up from wearing heels for years and during most of the year in general. As such, I’m not keen on barely-there strappy sandals and flipflops.

Warmer months therefore present a big footwear challenge for me. I want something lighter and breathable, but I don’t want my toes or heels on display. Plus, I at least I want to try and wear seasonal shoes.

An additional fashion challenge this year is that I will be going to Italy! I definitely want some cuter shoes if I’m going to be near Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world.

What’s a gal to do? Fortunately I have found some good cheats over the years.

Keds_black Keds_foodKeds are def a fave of mine! I have one white pair that I wear to death, then when there are literally holes in the soles, I throw them out and start over again. I’m not precious about my Keds, either. I admit, I kinda prefer to let them get a little dirty–shows I’m active. They’re light and breathable and go with everything.

GLANIEL_98_RG_324 ZAITZ_32_RG_324

Aldo thankfully has a lot of more airy, summery shoes. The brogues above literally have mesh on the side which screams breathable and cool and I get to wear my favourite style of shoe when the sun is shining. I love the detail of the beige flats above as well, definitely gives it kind of a sandal-vibe with those straps.

Quick Hit: Rainbow Magic with Canadian Designer Hayley Elsaesser


Above: from the Hayley Elsaesser Spring/Summer 2016 collection, found here.

With a Spring/Summer 2016 collection named “Carnival of Curiosity,” how can you resist the hyper-colourful and playful designs by Canadian designer Hayley Elsaesser? The diversity of this lookbook (above) is awesome, and her runway shows are super-diverse as well! So happy to see Canadian designers like Elsaesser leading the way.

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