Summer Wish List 2017

Here’s what I wish I was wearing this summer: either super-femme long skirts and dresses OR blousy separates that I could wear and sweep about looking rather like a cult leader…

Above: Ahhhhh this is my dream outfit!! From the Carolina Herrera Resort 2018 collection.

Above: Work-perfect I should think! Monse Resort 2018

Above: Even when it’s sunny out I would rather be at the library wearing one of the dresses above by Temperley London (Resort 2018).

Above: Yesssss. Red, dramatic, self-assured. Rosie Assoulin Resort 2018

Above: My favoured work uniform. Add a really dramatic necklace to get my aforementioned cult leader feel. From the Rosetta Getty Resort 2018 collection.

Spring 2017 Trends: Editor’s Picks

After combing through all the Spring 2017 shows in all the major cities, here are my favourite looks from this season. While The Closet Feminist identified a lot of the major trends (belts, purple, witchy, etc), I still find myself attracted to looks that don’t stray too far from my own aesthetic–know what works for you, old habits die hard, etc. Here are my picks for this season!


Above: Sea Spring 2017

Above: Camilla and Marc Spring 2017

Above: Shaina Mote Spring 2017

Above: Each x Other Spring 2017

Above: Luisa Beccaria

With or without some super-femme ruffles, I love the square, apron-esque necklines that were seen this season. They’re often appropriate for work, something a little different, and frame the face nicely.  Also, practically speaking, thick straps = no complicated bras needed.


Above: Lisa Perry, Spring 2017

Above: Alice + Olivia Spring 2017

Above: Zadig & Voltaire Spring 2017

Regardless of season, I love black dresses with white collars. I love girly dresses juxtaposed with more masculine or structured shoes. Super wearable, practically my uniform.

Above: Alberta Ferretti Spring 2017

Above: Prada Spring 2017

I also love defined waists, and shamelessly femme silhouettes. I’ve found myself acquiring more simple black dresses (like the Prada one above) that I want to dress up with belts and accessories.


I really liked the Spring 2017 collection of Melitta Baumeister, above. I liked the voluminous white and light grey looks, which is super contrary to my love-of-all-things-defined shapes mentioned above.

I wonder though if this collection was especially compelling because this model was so different and looked somewhat like me. I get alienated by the sea of loose beige nothings offered by Elizabeth & James because its all shown on white models. This collection, however simple, caught my eye. Now I want a shiny silver chain necklace to wear with everything and a full sleeve of tattoos!

Above: All Melitta Baumeister Spring 2017


All images from Vogue Runway.




Spring 2016 Wish List

Here’s what is on my wish list for Spring this year. Since the Canadian dollar has been so bad, I haven’t been doing any shopping online through American vendors, so a lot of these items are “wish” list in the truest sense. Still, it’s fun to look at all the neat stuff out there.


Above: The instantly-recognizable and generally amazing Wildfang Wild Feminist tshirt


Above: The Anisa Dress by She Loves Dresses. I love that the founder and designer of She Loves Dresses, Jenny Baquing, is totally a badass, trailblazing feminist.

deandri-product-roselle-dress1_grande deandri-product-roselle-dress3_

Above: Please just give me all the black dresses with white collars. It’s all I want to wear. I blame it on reading White Is For Witching by Helen Oyeyemi. The two above are variations of the Roselle Dress by Deandri.


Above: I’m currently reading Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente, which is a “decopunk pulp SF alt-history space opera mystery set in a Hollywood-and solar system-very different from our own.” So, yea, I want this Perfect Alignment necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity real bad.


Above: I love these baggy, corduroy Lou Dungarees by Lonely Label.


Above: This cat cross stitch pin by Little Wren is precious and I need it in my life. Note to Vancouver readers–despite the price tag in pounds, Little Wren will actually be selling at the May 2016 edition of Got Craft here in Vancouver!

2015 Halloween Costume Wish List

By: Emily Y.

If you’ve been reading the site for a while now, you’ll know that despite being someone who is really into clothes, style, and fashion, I’m absolute garbage at Halloween. I’m lazy, uninspired, but I still love dressing up.

In keeping with my traditions, here is a list of all the Halloween costumes I’d like to be able to pull off this year, but alas, couldn’t get my act together. Also, I’m aware that nearly all these characters are white, and I am not. Too bad I didn’t have more instantly-recognizable mixed-race characters I could dress up as for Halloween…


MISS-FISHER-S3-EP2.1 missfisher


I effing love Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix, starring Essie Davis as the incomparable lady detective Phyrne (pronounced Fry-knee, not Fern as I originally thought) Fisher. Please read this on The Toast to know what I mean. I am not a badass white woman in the ‘autumn of my beauty’ (as fantasy writers say), but I really wish I had a black bob and could therefore be Phyrne for Halloween.


"only lovers left alive" only-lovers-left-alive-mia-wasikowska-foto-dal-film-01_mid onlylovers1

Look, I know I’m not cool enough to be Tilda Swinton’s character Eve in Only Lovers Left Alive. I can play second fiddle to her as her bratty ‘zombie’-killing sister Ava, played by Mia Wasikowska though. In all seriousness, this is who I’m dressing up as this year–basically my wardrobe 3-4 years ago.


madmax1 madmaxfuryroadwomen Ss-mad-max-fury-road-122

….but not Imperator Furiosa. She is immortal. That short hair is everything and I got my long locks. It would be easy to be one of the ladies Furiosa helps to escape–like Toast the Knowing (Zoë Kravitz), The Splendid Angharad (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), or The Dag (Abbey Lee Kershaw).


mabel1 mabel2 tumblr_nwuz1p4EWo1uiiexbo1_500

Mabel 4ever. That is all. Wendy would also be a great costume, and a very obvious one for me given my love of red hair.



Julia+Goldani+Telles+Bunheads+Season+1+Episode+sYkjEf1XILYl sasha1

Sasha (played by Julia Goldani Telles) from Bunheads is the monster bitch I wish I could have been in highschool. Let me clarify–this is not a bad thing. Sure, I was a bit of a high-strung meanie, I just wish I had been smart like Sasha. Plus, this would be such an easy costume.

Accessories I Really Need in My Life Right Now

By: Emily Y.

….does this look like a cohesive collection or does it look like I’m just nuts? Don’t answer that. I just want to adorn myself, ok?


Above: Shattered Heart necklace by Dominiqué Reneé.


Above: But hexagon glitter earrings! By Vancouver-based designer fancypop.


Above: This one might be the weirdest–it’s a necklace made out of a spoon by Vancouver designer Georgina Baker. I just really like gold pendants. And I actually really liked my Winnipeg trip, thanks very much.


Above: But I NEED this giant fabric pastel castle brooch….brooch by I’m Your Present.


Above: FRANKFRANKFRANK. Necklace by Vancouver-based designer KatznDahl.


Above: Obviously, this pin by Sketch Inc would be integral to my wardrobe. That is all.

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