The Feminism of Culottes


Above: Sonia Rykiel Resort 2015

“The transition between the 1920s and ’30s saw a lot of women becoming much more liberal about what they were wearing.” It’s this quasi-feminist backstory that makes culottes so compelling. Hearkening back to the ’70s–which just happens to coincide with the rise of Women’s Lib–they’re not just pants but, as Lola Rykiel declares, “a super-empowering clothing piece.” The 29-year-old PR director at Sonia Rykiel (and ultra-chic granddaughter of the iconic Parisian designer) regards the resurgence of culottes as a symbolic nod to the house codes of liberated, free-thinking French women. “It is int eh DNA of the brand,” she says. “When my grandma started to do ‘jupes-culottes’ in the ’70s, it was kind of whimsical– looking feminine in a skirt but having the freedom [of] trousers.”

– from “Swing Thing” by Aya McMillan in Fashion August 2015


Above: Victoria Beckham, Fall 2015

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