The Differences Between American and Canadian Fashion

American and Canadian Fashion

America and Canada may have geographically sat on the northern hemisphere of the globe, but both countries have set a boundary with opposite custom t shirts and views. Although both countries are English-speakers, Canada is smaller with only around 35.2 million inhabitants, pretty much closer but not totally with Texas’ 28.7 million people. Plus, the climate is slightly different between the two neighbors.

Additionally, the way how both countries do their fashion makes a big difference. Although custom hoodies is prevalent, other fashion styles and design are distinct. Here are some of the differences that set apart the two countries in terms of fashion.

Fashion Bloggers

While both have fashion bloggers that somehow set an example of the trends when it comes to fashion, Canada has much lesser numbers of these trendsetters. America’s weather is not as worst as Canada. This is because the weather in Canada is harsher. That’s why looking for fashionistas here is a bit challenging.

However, certain Canadian bloggers like Brunette Salad and Emilie Etc. have taken fashion to the next level. Most of the Canadian bloggers have to intensively think and create designs that would perfectly fit Canada’s weather. Canada only has a short summer, and most of them have to enjoy it to the max. Muskoka is the favorite place of the Canadians, and mostly, it is where wearing bikinis, custom t-shirts, and shorts with high waist happen.

In American, on the other hand, fashion is everywhere as the area is bigger, and most people from different states have their own fashion styles, making it more diverse.

Fashion Designers

For Canadians, it is simply impractical to use shorter winter coats, to which most American mostly prefer. Also, most Canadians like to get to know the story behind a fashion design. Functionality is also what matters for most Canadians. They like to use winter coats and jackets that can stand the test of time which also come from reliable fashion staples. Most American are risky to choose new or emerging fashion designers while Canadian tend to opt for much bigger names and brands. Canada’s fashion market is small compared to the U.S., so choosing what to wear is extremely different.

Fashion Editors

Street style for Canadians consists of wearing comfortable and versatile clothes. These outfits also use more solid colors than patterns and also footwear that is mostly of boots and flat sneakers. Canadian have to use their imagination for fashion because of a small number of resources, and to avoid constant wearing of the same clothes, Canadian fashion editors often choose to buy local brands. Although the availability is scarce, it doesn’t stop Canadians to stand out in the fashion industry and express themselves through distinctive Canadian outfits.

These are the just things that are noticeable when talking about American and Canadian fashion taste and staples. Climate plays a big role in Canada’s fashion design which limits them to use it. Unlike Canada, the U.S. has a wide array of fashion clothes, custom t-shirts, and apparels to choose from. The climate in the U.S. is also much diverse compared to Canada which allows them to try out new designs.

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