Are you an empowered woman? Are you willing to share your knowledge and experiences to empower other women also? Then, write for us and become one of our contributors.

In this world where society is still viewing us, women, as inferior, nothing is more satisfying than proving them wrong. In fact, many women worldwide have been constant victims of abuse since time immemorial. Therefore, every female is significant, and every ounce of your strength counts.

Through your well-written words conveying your feminist ideas, we can slowly impart the concept of equality to every reader with hopes to further our cause. If you wish to write for us, below are the details you have to follow.

Key Requirements

  • Your guest post has to be original
  • Data-driven and facts-supported
  • Minimum of 1,000 words; ideally 1,500
  • Topics involving activities such as tips, advice, examples
  • Start the article with a summary of 1 to 2 sentences after the title while stating the article’s relevance
  • End the article with 3 to 5 takeaways and a concluding statement focusing on what is next
  • The article must be SEO-optimized; contains relevant keywords
  • The guest article must be readable using short paragraphs with 3 to 4 short sentences
  • Include images and other visual components
  • Self-promotion is NOT allowed
  • Submission is through via email

What to Expect in Editorial Process

  • Expect a maximum of 3 days for feedback
  • If there is none after that, consider your submission as declined

How Your Article Be Distributed

  • Your guest articles will be shared on our blog
  • You can also promote them yourself