History Is Important To the Future of Feminism

Feminism, in all of its forms, has been grossly misunderstood in the past and even within our contemporary society. Some see it as a movement to usurp roles traditionally held by men or social conventions that protect people from harm and moral decay. Many pop up stores around Canada were created by driven female entrepreneurs. Others view this as a movement to replace men with women as the dominant sex. In actuality, feminism allows for women to stand on equal ground with men and for gender not to be treated as a barrier or factor in discrimination.

The #MeToo Movement has been monumental in the protection of women worldwide. It opened up the dark secrets held by male executives and powerful people. Cases of sexual abuse that’s been covered up for years have come out into the open. This development should convince historians and people around the world of how much of an impact feminism has in the formation of global consciousness. Children today are more exposed to feminist principles. This is not ideology or religion but a fundamental reframing of how we think about each other.

The goal of feminism is equality. Women can freely dress as they please without discrimination. There are no constraining gender norms that dictate how both women and men are to act. There is no need to fear crying in public if you are a man or to be tough and strict as a woman. We aim for a world where none of our little habits define our being but for one where we thrive in a society that treats its members equally.

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