Our organization works to provide different programs with funding and grants to ensure their success in the field of women rights. With support from various donors, Closet Feminist provides grants up to five years in order for programs and organizations to continue working towards an equitable community.

The programs we prioritize are designed to overcome barriers for women and are intended to improve collaboration and involvement with women in the country. We have grants for violence prevention that are intended to care for women who were victims of assault and abuse, as well as fund programs that help to rebuild their lives. There is also an economic development grant to help women secure well-paying jobs and welfare money to ensure they can provide for themselves and their children. There is also a four-year grant for girls that applies to programs that help to build their self-confidence and other skills necessary for adulthood and employment.

There are still applications open for 2019 and 2020. Check out our page for more details.