Simple Steps To Become An Ally In The Workplace

The workplace has not always been a place where women thrive and express themselves. Sexual harassment and cases of assault are abound, even in places where security of tenure allows women to no longer be exploited by their employers. In these times, women can only count on the support of their fellows and you can learn how to do this in a few easy steps. Starting by inviting colleagues over for an old fashioned smoked BBQ is a good start.

  1. Acknowledge the unseen problems of the workplace

The #MeToo Movement has opened the eyes of many and shown them that the workplace must be a secure space for women to occupy. The problem is that this is not always considered a problem. In fact, harassment and abuse can be reduced to toxic masculine traits that have been normalized.

You may also notice some double standards and how differently women are treated in offices. Notice how some companies usually prefer female secretaries or specifying roles to women within the office that men can accomplish. Another issue is how women’s concerns may not be heard in the office. Do they offer maternity leave that can last long enough for mothers to take care of their infants as they grow up after birth

  1. Ask and hear out

When you see these problems, it is time to act on them. The first thing to do is to ask around to confirm if they are true or not. You should also ask about how these problems have affected them physically, emotionally and mentally. Trust between the workplace and the employee is important and this indicator is enough to propel action.

  1. Push for changes

This step may not be as easy as it sounds but the workplace has to adapt if conditions are not favorable for women. If possible, aim for reforms in workplace policy.

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