Is It Right To Use Sex Toys In A Christian Marriage?

Sex Toys In A Christian Marriage

Since the creation of sex toys, many Christians have considered it a taboo. Many stores selling sex toys have nude images and vibrator reviews on display and also selling of pornography tapes is a possibility. All these doings are contrary to Christianity and it is the main reason why Christians disregard sex toys.

A good example is that Christians view Vibrators as tools for masturbation. This act is considered unethical hence unacceptable in Christianity. It is true vibrators make sex as easy as ABC but they also play a big role in intimacy addition in marriages. With increased playfulness in bed, marriages can be strengthened.

Personal lubricants are accepted by nearly all Christians when it comes to lovemaking. The same lubricant also has the potential of being used by other people to masturbate. Similar perception can also be directed towards vibrators hence making the act bad but not the device. Foreplay is a key thing in lovemaking hence the reason for applying a vibrator in many marriages. The key point is that vibrators are not bad or good hence what matters most is what they are used for.

When is it okay to use sex toys in a marriage based on Christianity?

During playfulness and intimacy addition. A vibrator is an example of a commonly used sex toy. The following are examples of adding intimacy by using sex toys.

  • Getting into a sex mood. It is not that easy for some ladies to get into a sex mood hence they need to be pushed a little bit by using a sex toy. Vibrators do an excellent job during intercourse preparation.
  • Several women find orgasming a hard nut to crack but it has been made possible by the use of Vibrators.
  • When both parties decide to orgasm together. Some men last for a short time and cannot make their ladies orgasm. While using a sex toy, they can switch to intercourse when the wife is almost orgasming so that they finish together.

When there is adherence to religious boundaries, both parties should be willing to embrace sex toys without any pressure. So long as both spouses agree, they are good to practice it. The decision should be made based on moral aspects so as the correct type of sex toy is selected. The couple should also agree on how to use the vibrator to avoid things like masturbation.

Problems experienced in marriages are not fixed by sex toys. If you perform less and you decide to introduce a sex toy in your sexual marriage, additional problems will arise. Find out the main reason for infrequent sex and fix it before thinking about a vibrator.


The use of sex toys in Christian marriages has brought different reactions globally. Some embrace it while others rebuke the same. If a couple decides to use sex toys, each spouse should do it willingly and in addition, how to use them should be agreed upon. A mutual agreement on the usage of a vibrator between the two will avoid masturbation which is immorally perceived by Christians.

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