Concern for Nicotine Levels Among Vaping Women

Both men and women use vaping for different reasons, but the most common one is because it is fun and less harmful. Although Eurovap in Montreal is a better alternative to cigarettes, it is worth noting that vaping isn’t entirely harmless. This is an important consideration for vaping women, especially regarding their reproductive health and fertility. This problem is further complicated because e-cigarette products are not well-regulated. The vaping aerosol inhaled may contain the following:

  • heavy metals,
  • cancer-causing compounds, and
  • flavorings that can cause lung complications.

These are some factors that vaping women should consider, especially during conception, pregnancy, or breastfeeding stages.

Vaping and Women’s Reproductive Health

Smoking has been reported to have adverse effects on the fertility of women. To avoid the dangers that come with smoking, most women prefer vaping due to the following reasons:

  • Health professionals affirm this initiative, especially when pregnant women are addicted to smoking, vaping is the only easy way for them.
  • Women feel this is a better option because the toxins in vaping devices are lesser than those in tobacco smoke.
  • Another advantage of vaping is that it can help pregnant women quit smoking;
    • thus, breastfeeding their babies will not be challenged with such addictions.

Even if they were to continue vaping while breastfeeding, no evidence shows that vaping would majorly impact infants. This does not mean that vaping women should not be concerned because there is a possibility that some of the women who start vaping at a younger age may later consider tobacco smoking to get more nicotine into their bodies.

Nicotine Levels

Though vaping is better compared to smoking, there have been concerns among regulatory bodies such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC has warned that although e-cigarettes contain fewer harmful chemicals than cigarettes and cigars, pregnant women need to be cautious about nicotine levels. With exposure to high levels of nicotine, the baby’s brain development may be negatively interfered with.

Flavorings used in Vaping Devices

Since vaping is not easily regulated, there is a high chance that the flavors used in vaping devices may also be dangerous to the baby. To ensure we do not forget vaping women, it is important to develop strategies that help identify and place bans on harmful flavors. This is better protection for women who seek to use e-cigarettes to evade the harm associated with tobacco smoking.

The effects of vaping on women’s reproductive health and fertility is still a debatable topic because there has been limited research in this area. It is advisable for women to use nicotine replacement therapy during pregnancy rather than vaping as a way of quitting smoking. Using products such as nicotine patches will help deliver nicotine to the body at a constant rate, making it easy to cope with withdrawal symptoms. If vaping women still find it necessary to continue vaping while pregnant, it is necessary to talk to a professional healthcare provider who will help determine the right nicotine dosage. Emotional support from friends and family may also be helpful to women who want to quit vaping.

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