Covers & Content Annual Review 2016, Part 2: FASHION

The 2016 publishing year is over for our three favourite Canadian fashion magazines, so it’s time to look back on every issue printed this year by Elle Canada, Fashion, and Flare, to see how diverse they were overall compared to last year. Up … Continue reading

Gloss over This: Tatiana Maslany

Maslany–who proudly identifies as a feminist–is not afraid to rebel against the “normal” expectations of young actresses either […] This sense of defiance came at an early age. “As a girl, you’re seen as silly and weak,” she says. “I … Continue reading

Gloss over This: Normani Kordei

“Fifth Harmony are all feminists. It’s our duty to reach out to people and let them know a woman can be just as powerful as a man can be.” Normani Kordei of Fifth Harmony in “In Harmony” by Elio Iannacci … Continue reading

Gloss over This: Ally Brooke Hernandez

“As women, we’ve got to root for each other more–this means on the internet, in the office or wherever life takes us.” -Ally Brooke Hernandez of Fifth Harmony in “In Harmony” by Elio Iannacci in FASHION Summer 2016

Gloss over This: Mia Wasikowska

  Director James Bobin [of Alice Through The Looking Glass] was brought in to reinvent Wonderland, and he sees Alice 2.0 as a feminist. Wasikowska agrees: “At the time the film is set, it’s much further behind than we are … Continue reading

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