Letter from the Editor: October 2015

Dear Closet Feminists,

Autumn and winter are definitely my favourite seasons. I’m not much for sunshine or the heat, so the latter half of the year is preferred for me.

Change has been big for me this autumn. I have recently started a new job and resumed a volunteer commitment. Also major– the first movie I ever worked on from the very beginning until the very end was released on Netflix this week. I’ll admit, I cried like a baby watching this movie, which is intended for children. Just seeing it–so many memories, and it was all so worth it.


Above: I love all the unique gourds and squashes that are appearing at grocery stores right now

Currently I’m reading White Teeth by Zadie Smith–that’s right, I actually haven’t read it until now. I scooped up a used copy when I was in Salmon Arm during my birthday trip, and while I was meh about the first half, I have really enjoyed the second half.

There was this one sentence I recently read in White Teeth that was a really humbling reminder for me:

“Maybe nothing that happens upon stolen ground can expect a happy ending.”

- from White Teeth by Zadie Smith

I live in Vancouver, which is actually unceded Coast Salish, Musqeum,Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations territory. I once had a very wise woman explain to me that this means that I am a visitor, not a guest. So, while I am enjoying the beauty of this city and area during this season, I keep in mind that I am just that–a visitor.

In style & in solidarity,

Emily Y.


Covers & Content: Bazaar US October 2015

Normally we do our Covers & Content column on Canadian fashion magazines only, but this year we’ll be focusing on Bazaar US as well. That being said, how diverse was the October issue of Bazaar? Read on for details below.


Above: Newsstand cover on the left, subscriber cover on the right

The Issue: Bazaar (US) October  2015

The Cover Star: Sarah Jessica Parker

Perceived Appearance of Cover Star: White

Does the magazine appear to feature any models of colour in the editorials?: Yikes, this was a terrible issue in so many ways–first of all, there were 4 fashion editorials in this issue and not one of them featured a model of colour. All four starred one thin, white model each, meaning this issue was a Whiteout Issue. Also very unfortunate–the first editorial, starring Miranda Kerr, was shot by alleged sexual offender Terry Richardson.

Does the magazine appear to feature any plus-size models in the editorials?: No

Biggest Hmmm Moments: Canadian September Issues

There were a few things that made us pause (both in good and bad ways) while looking at the September issues of Canada’s top fashion magazines. Here we have a closer look at the content that was inspiring, and the content that made us cringe.



Pros: They had a really cool lifestyle special focusing on 36 get-to-know-yourself better questions, and their one fashion editorial for this month was probably one of their best ever.


Above: Both images above from editorial “We’re all mad here” in Elle Canada 2015.

Cons: Despite how strong the editorial was styling and concept-wise, it was lacking diversity–sure there was a model over 60, but of the six models Elle Canada booked for this spread, only one was a model of colour. Pretty pathetic, hence why we called it out for being a Token Diversity Spread.



Pros: When it came to exploring gender and fashion, FASHION really rose to the occasion by having both an article on gender identity, as well as one of the coolest gender-bending fashion editorials we’ve ever seen. Not only was this editorial playing with gender identity and androgyny, it also starred two models of colour!


Above: Both images above from FASHION September 2015

Cons: Was anyone else like “wtf?” when they saw two Victoria’s Secret Angels Elsa Hosk and Taylor Hill?? We thought at first they might be Canadian, which would explain their “a little out of left field” cover feature. But nope, they are not Canadian, they are just minor celebrities. It’s super-disappointing that FASHION would go and book not just one but two white B-list celebs when they could have taken the opportunity to open up diversity for their publication and put say, Mindy Kaling or Viola Davis on the cover.


Pros: Flare had lots of really cool articles this month, and, like FASHION, they did one on gender diversity–fantastic!


Above: While Flare talks about diversity in fashion, referring to model Chantelle Winnie above, they still don’t book any models of colour for their own editorials in their September issue

Cons: Honestly, this was the weirdest Canadian September issue by far. Karlie Kloss was on the cover, but she just got a snippet of an interview (not even an interview, just literally 5 very brief questions. The main feature was a huge advertorial with Joe Fresh–boring! Deceptive! A total ripoff! And SO WEIRD for a September issue! We’re not paying to learn about a company, and it’s rather insulting because Kloss is very interesting–she runs a charity, and recently just started a coding school for girls. While Kloss was able to briefly able to address her coding school, it was a shame that readers couldn’t hear more than a sentence about her efforts, being bombarded instead with pages of Joe Fresh advertisements.


Above: A shot from one of two of Flare‘s September editorials–so boring, aren’t you falling asleep?

The next downside about this issue is that Flare does this relatively-cool special called “The Future of Fashion Is….” and they fill in the blanks with tidbits like ”…is over 80,” “….is vlogger-run,” etc. They do a spotlight on diversity as well on p. 130-131 with, “The Future of Fashion is more diverse.” Though Flare claims that the future of fashion is more diverse, they fail to be diverse themselves: the September issue of Flare is a Whiteout issue! There are two fashion editorials in this issue, and both star thin, white models. It’s almost painfully ironic, and very disappointing.

Inspired by Art Herstory: Lina Iris Viktor


Above: Title Unknown, Lina Iris VIktor. Image found here.


Above: The Pattern of The Universe Is Paved In Gold by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014.

London/New York/Geneva-based artist Lina Iris Viktor is a woman with a vision. Her works are only ever done in black, white, blue, and gold–24 karat gold (she’s using the actual precious metal folks, not just gold-tinted paint).

If you find her works hypnotic, there’s a good reason for it. Viktor creates her art,

“Through the use of basic geometric forms, square, circle, triangle etc, that appear in an array of variations, sizes, and repetitive pattern structures she builds an idiosyncratic visual landscape across multiple mediums”


Above: Venus V Aphrodite by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014


Above: The Power of 3, 6, & 9 by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014.

There’s much more to it than meets the eye. Her work melds several different philosophies together,

“Governed by a purist color palette, her work considers the natural laws, hermetic philosophies, mathematic & scientific principles, and seeks to instill a divine order to all around her.”



Above: Transcending Time & The Gold Ratio by Lina Iris Viktor, 2014

We love how her work, inspired by all these classical subjects, is also infused with her own presence and image. Women of colour have long been ignored in Western art history, so it is both inspiring and refreshing to see Viktor insert herself into a long tradition.


Inspired by Lina Iris Viktor

Victoria Victoria Beckham lace up dress, 985 CAD / Helmut Lang genuine leather legging, 465 CAD / Jeffrey Campbell pre owned designer shoes, 78 CAD / Versace leather crossbody handbag, 1,145 CAD / Special occasion earrings, 22,485 CAD / Gold bracelet bangle, 200 CAD / Tory Burch polish jewelry, 390 CAD / Kate Spade multicolor ring, 105 CAD / Smoke & Mirrors leopard print glasses, 430 CAD

Quotes and nearly all paintings from Lina Iris Viktor’s website here.

Maid in Canada: The Ultimate Over-The-Top Coat


This coat-dress thing by Canadian designer Mikhael Kale is brilliant. The contrasting orange and blue is eye-catching but not blinding. The sleeves and pristine while collar wink at the conservative silhouette, while the feathery blue hem hints at something more playful.

It girls take note now–couldn’t you totally see everyone from Alexa Chung to Kiernan Shipka sporting this look?

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