10 Reasons Why Fashion Needs Intersectional Feminism: Jan. 2014 Edition

….and we say “January 2014” edition because every month in the fashion world has a reminder that the fashion world is super racist.

We need not just feminism, but a truly intersectional and inclusive feminism to make changes to runways that contain nothing but white models, and to make sure that women of colour aren’t being used as props in photo shoots, while white models and fashion editors prance around in blackface.

Here are 10 reasons why fashion needs intersectional feminism ASAP and forever:

1. Because white female fashion editors get to be featured in interviews, and black women just get to be basically naked human ‘chairs’ they get to sit on.


Above: There are still not enough women of colour on the runways (see point below)

2. Because the major activist for ending racism on the runways is a black woman, and the only major supporters she seems to have are also black women. Where is the solidarity, people? (Oh right, #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen–thank-you, Mikki Kendall)

3. Because women of colour in fashion have to consider hard-won shreds of progress ‘huge improvements‘.

4. Because even though the Vogue empire is still helmed by white people, we are taught to ignore the connection between who is calling the shots and say, segregated street style pictures.

5. Because segregated street style pictures by a major fashion magazine are a very current problem. January 2014, people.

trends_leadAbove: No women of colour? Most of the fashion world would say its no problem.

6. Because its okay for white women to wear a costume that is a mess of cultural appropriation during a racist performance–and address (NOT apologize for) it three months later.

7. Because white women get their own magazine covers all the time, but a woman of colour has to share hers.

8. Because when a woman of colour gets her own magazine cover and even if she is sharing, she has to be happy with her cover being the very obvious odd cover out.

9. Because a conversation about a white woman and her offensive ‘geisha’ costume has to start with talk of the white woman’s breasts–no one wins here.

10. Because magazines that practice segregation can get away with not having a person of colour on their cover four years in a row, and for those nearly 50 covers no one says anything until, well, they start practicing segregation (but then again, a lot of magazines are like that).

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