Canadian Designer, NYC Outfit: Dennis Merotto

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 6.43.37 PM

Above: A look from the Dennis Merotto Fall 2015 collection.

Everyone in fashion loves Diane Keaton’s clothes as the eponymous Annie in Annie Hall. This look above by Canadian designer Dennis Merotto totally captures her look in the film. Keaton says of her unusual yet completely iconic movie wardrobe choices in a recent interview in Flare:

As a teen, she’d [Keaton] watch TV programs that showcased the common trope of the nerdy girl who wins the boy’s heart by getting a makeover. Keaton realized long ago that she always preferred the before look to the after: “I wanted to be interesting and unique, and I didn’t want to have the makeover–ugh, who cares about that?”

-Diane Keaton in “‘How Much Can I Cover Up?’” by Briony Smith in Flare June 2014


Other reasons it caught our eye? It’s perfect for cooler weather, office-appropriate, and for after hours given the addition of a few sparkly accessories (Like bold silver. Definitely.).

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