London Rainbow: Spring 2015

Looking for a little ROY G. BIV inspiration? Here is the best look per colour, straight off the Spring 2015 RTW runways. The best part? All of these outfits are from design houses headed by women!



Above: Dress by Simone Rocha, Spring 2015



Above: Dress by Emilia Wickstead, Spring 2015



Above: Sophia Kah Spring 2015



Above: Vivienne Westwood, Spring 2015



Above: Roksanda Spring 2015


ErinFetherson_Spring2015_IndigoAbove: Erin Fetherson, Spring 2015



Above: Vivienne Westwood, Spring 2015


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New York Rainbow: Spring 2015

Looking for a little ROY G. BIV inspiration? Here is the best look per colour, straight off the Spring 2015 RTW runways. The best part? All of these outfits are from design houses headed by women!



Above: Dress by Rosie Assoulin, Spring 2015.



Above: Jumpsuit by Giulietta, Spring 2015.



Above: Let us all pause to recognize how beautiful model Lais Ribeiro looks in this yellow Diane Von Furstenberg dress.



Above: Dress and jacket by Tracy Reese, Spring 2015.



Above: Blue dress by Anna Sui, Spring 2015



Above: Pamella Roland, Spring 2015



Above: Misha Nonoo Spring 2015

Celebrity Dinner Party: What to Wear

By: Emily Y.

You know that game where you dream up your ultimate dinner party composed of celebs alive or no longer with us? Let’s take the game a bit further. I’ll tell you who my five ideal guests would be (including myself, 6 is about the max amount of people I could cook for without starting to freak out a bit) and what I would wear, depending on the type of dinner party we are having.


1. Janelle Monaé


I can’t even. She’s got, like, a whole universe in her vision. Honestly if I were to meet her I would probably just cry the whole time and she would be like “yes hello why?” If she didn’t feel like attending, I’d be cool if Cindi Mayweather came instead.

2. Anaïs Nin


Her diaries (of which I’ve read about ten volumes) have changed my life.

3. Frida Kahlo


She was an amazing artist, and I love how she didn’t ever apologize for taking up space.

4. Mindy Kaling


I have read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? three times and she is a boss. I also think that of all of us she probably has the best social skills and could run the show while I’m doing shots in the bathroom with Frida Kahlo.

5. Anita Sarkeesian


I still think that Sarkeesian is the most well-spoken woman I have ever had the privilege of meeting. I almost fainted when I met her. I hope the second time around, this dream dinner party, I will be able to keep it together.


Drinks and appetizers


Above: Tanya Taylor Fall 2014

Why: This looks comfortable, feminine, and fierce. I love that neon touch, it’s perfectly irreverent.

The evening: We play drinking games, Frida Kahlo obviously wins. Anita Sarkeesian is kind enough to hold my hair back when I’ve had too much to drink, Janelle Monaé ignores us all and rifles through my record collection.

The eight-course, gold-plate affair


Above: Stella Jean Fall 2014

Why: When it comes to dressing super fancy, I could totally see myself picking something a little unusual. Or I would just panic and dress down and wear the Emilia Wickstead dress below.


Above: Emilia Wickstead Fall 2014

The evening: I rent out the fanciest penthouse hotel room in the city and we have alarmingly handsome butlers serve us a crazy-fancy meal.  We all dine at a luxurious pace because the conversation is so good, and afterwards there are fireworks, Mindy Kaling, Anais Nin, and myself take selfies as the fireworks go off in the background.

Gilmore Girls-esque carb fest


Above: Miu Miu Spring 2015

Why: These are the greatest ladylike pajamas ever that I could actually wear to a dinner party. Gotta be comfy if we’re gonna eat like Rory and LG. And yes I would wear that much eyeliner.

The evening: Janelle Monaé and I bond over our love for sci-fi and fantasy as we play with my two cats. Frida Kahlo and Anita Sarkeesian construct elaborate food pyramids and structures out of all the nachos, mozza sticks, popcorn, pizza, and donuts.

The salon


Above: Jenny Packham Spring 2015

Why: This dress is salon night. Floaty and chic, but structured enough to accompany an evening of debate, innovation, and general bonding.

The evening: The six of us sit down and hammer out how to actually make the girl gang paradise of our dreams while the champagne flows. Janelle Monaé naturally leads the conversation as she has the Electro Phi Betas up and running. We are interrupted only to stop and enjoy some poetry or whatever, and there is also a string quartet playing lively/appropriate music the whole time.

Wedding Crashers


Above: Vivienne Tam Spring 2015 

Why: This dress is beautiful and I kinda love how the amazing embroidery was paired with such a drab grey colour. Plus its formal enough for the occasion.

The evening: We crash a horribly dull wedding or other similarly fancy occasion but the hosts are totally okay with it of course. The six of us take over the head table and someone is inspired to paint us a la The Last Supper but without the ominous circumstances. We turn it into an amazing party–the best music, exotic (and ethically kept) animals, a drumline, dancing ’til dawn, entertainment, acrobats, Gatsby-levels of crazy, and we invite all our favourite friends to join us.

TV Icons, Spring 2015 Shows: Mashups Part 3

What if our favourite TV heroines shopped the Spring 2015 runways? Here is Part 3 of our series focusing on what we think they would pick and the occasion that they would wear this outfit for. As a bonus, all of the design houses chosen have a woman holding court as head designer! Check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


The Show: Orange Is The New Black

The Icon: Sophia


The Actress: Laverne Cox

The Look: Nicole Miller Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: When we see Sophia (Cox) on OITNB, she’s usually in her prison uniform of course. Outside of prison, we could totally see her in this dress. The super-girly hem is balanced with the bold black stripes and painterly pattern–classy, but with just a touch of edge.



The Show: Gilmore Girls

The Icon: Lorelei Gilmore


The Actress: Lauren Graham

The Look: Jenny Packham Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: Fashion was always a hot topic for the Gilmore girls, and LG (Graham) in particular was fond of characterizing her style as a bit more bold and risk-taking. We think she would kill it in this bold romper. It would work for those infamous baby blues, but wouldn’t be too much since it’s just one uniform colour. Plus, the cut is relatively simple, so it wouldn’t be too wild for Stars Hollow.



The Show: Battlestar Galactica

The Icon: Kara Thrace aka Starbuck

Battlestar Galactica - Season 2

The Actress: Katee Sackhoff

The Look: Barbara Bui Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: The sporty, futuristic details scream Starbuck. They put her in dresses for more formal moments in the show, but really, she looked best in more tomboy looks. After all, she was the best pilot in the damn fleet and could drink anyone under the table.



The Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Icon: Buffy


The Actress: Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Look: Milly Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: The Slayer definitely favoured sexier-than-most looks in Sunnydale, but her occupation/destiny requires her day to day outfits appropriate for ass-kicking at a moment’s notice. This Milly look even nods to ’90s silhouettes–we’re sure Ms. Summers would approve.



The Show: Adventure Time

The Icon: Marceline, The Vampire Queen


The Actress: Olivia Olson

The Look: Marissa Webb Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: She’s a rockstar, heir to the Nightosphere, and is arguably the ex of the most powerful sovereign in all of Ooo. A bit of a recluse and a trouble-maker, her looks are just as eccentric–big floppy sunhats one day, overalls and rockabilly style the next. The Marissa Webb look above captures all those supa-fierce elements–except she would be wearing boots, not heels, of course.




The Show: Masters of Sex

The Icon: Virginia Johnson


The Actress: Lizzy Caplan

The Look: Tanya Taylor Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: Mrs. Johnson (Caplan) was a trailblazer–the show is based on real-life sex researches William Masters and Virginia Johnson. Johnson was a single mom of two, and despite not having the credentials ‘necessary’ to be doing the work she did with Masters, she did it at any rate. Her wardrobe in the show speaks to this outlier personality–note how in the show her outfit silhouettes and colours are very different from everyone else’s–darker, more form-fitting, etc. Here’s a boss outfit a bold lady of Science could wear today.




The Show: Mad Men

The Icon: Megan Draper


The Actress: Jessica Paré

The Look: Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: Can’t you just picture the ever-talented Megan (Paré) chillin’ at her LA apartment in this DVF outfit? Add a hair scarf and hoop earrings, and you’ve got the picture of an accomplished, multi-talented young woman int he late 1960s.



All runway images from 

Did you love this post? Good news–this is Part 3/3 of a series of posts. You can have a look at Part 1 here, and check out Part 2 here.

TV Icons, Spring 2015 Shows: Mashups Part 2

What if our favourite TV heroines shopped the Spring 2015 runways? Here is Part 2 of our series focusing on what we think they would pick and the occasion that they would wear this outfit for. As a bonus, the vast majority of design houses chosen have a woman holding court as head designer! Did you miss Part 1? Check it out here.


Image above found here.

The Show: Battlestar Galactica

The Icon: Laura Roslin


The Actress: Mary McDonnell

The Look: Donna Karan, Spring 2015 Ready To Wear

Why She’s Wearing It: The President of the Twelve Colonies and general Boss Lady of all time and space would probably not wear this beautiful suit with a crop top but then again, she’s running the show and can do what she wants.

Alice_Olivia_009_1366Image above found here.

The Show: Once Upon a Time

The Icon: Mary Margaret


The Actress: Ginnifer Goodwin

The Look: Alice + Olivia Spring 2015 Ready to Wear

Why She’s Wearing It: Remember when Mary Margaret was just a school teach oblivious to her bow-wielding, ass-kicking fairy tale past? Here’s what she would have been wearing back in those days–a bit more colour would be enchanting

paradaImage above found here.

The Show:Orphan Black

The Icon: Cosima


The Actress: Tatiana Maslany

The Look: Prada Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: Can’t you picture the bookish boho stoner clone Cosima bobbing through the stacks at the library in this gorgeous coat? Perfect for errands and then out for a drink with Delphine.


The Show: X Files

The Icon: Scully


The Actress: Gillian Anderson

The Look: Theory Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: Let’s get real, the only reason sh!t ever got done on the X-Files was because Scully was on the case lookin’ sharp and being smart. End of story.

vivienne tam

The Show: Witches of East End

The Icon: Ingrid Beauchamp


The Actress: Rachel Boston

The Look: Vivienne Tam Spring 2015

Why She’s Wearing It: Once she was a bookish gal in super femme outfits working at a library, now she’s a spellbinding witch with a past life of being part of a orgy-crazed cult. This Vivienne Tam dress speaks to both of those roles.



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